Yungblud Lets the Anger-Out On ‘Original Me’

The official video for "Original Me" is due out later this week.

Yungblud Lets the Anger-Out On 'Original Me'

Yungblud feels like the original loser on “Original Me,” a heavy, self-deprecating new track featuring Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds. The British alternative rock artist’s latest has an industrial edge and is a beacon, anyone, feeling low on self-esteem. Because he’s one of them.

On it, the pair sings,

“I'm self-critical, tryhard original. Oh, I pride myself on that, such a loser, I'll admit. I'm the original loser/Some days I wish I was anyone else.” 

Yungblud is currently on the The Twisted Tales of The Ritalin Club Tour in support of his forthcoming EP, Hope for the Underrated Youth. It wraps in Washington on Oct. 17.

Hope for the Underrated Youth's title track arrived last month with a striking, and bleak, music video; the EP is due out Oct. 18.


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