How to change your YouTube language on desktop

1. Go to and enter your username and password to sign into your account.

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click on the small round button showing your profile picture to reveal a drop-down menu.

3. Click on the Language option.


4. On the next page, you’ll be shown a list of available languages YouTube can be displayed in. Scroll down until you find the language of your choice and click on it.

screen 2

5. YouTube will now automatically begin operating in the language you chose. To revert back to English or select a different language, just follow the same steps outlined above.

How to change your YouTube language on mobile

Changing your YouTube language on mobile depends on which device you have.

If you have an iPhone, this requires changing the language of your phone as a whole.

You can do this by going to the Settings app, then tapping General → Language & Region → iPhone language. Now you can choose the language you want your YouTube app and your phone to operate in.


The next time you open YouTube, the app will automatically display in this language, as long as you’re signed into your YouTube account.


On an Android device, you’ll also need to change your phone’s language setting by opening the Settings app and going to System → Languages & input → Languages and tapping on the language of your choice.


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