Your October Monthly Horoscope Is Here!
Your October Monthly Horoscope Is Here!


 October 13, a Full Moon electrifies your sign. The Sun, symbolizing external expression, and the Moon, showcasing your emotional inner world, reflect your own internal conflict. Do you invest in your relationships or do you change your commitments? Trust your gut during this time, but remember that making choices isn’t about impulsivity, it’s about introspection.


October 13, a Full Moon in Aries activates the sky, sending shockwaves across the most private, spiritual domain of your birth chart. Although the Moon will be shining brightly, you’ll have a hard time seeing clearly. This is a wonderful time to direct your gaze inward. Plus, during October’s mystical Full Moon, your imagination will be at an all-time high and you’ll be receiving lots of important messages through your subconscious. 


Gemini love? We’re talking big shifts corresponding with intimacy, resources, and values. Remember, Pluto works slowly and methodically, so while you may not experience these changes overnight, they’ll be sure to set the stage for the next several months ahead.October 13 will inspire you to reevaluate your community. This might be a bit jarring to you since you’re kinda obsessed with your friends! But the truth is that not all bonds are meant to last forever, Gemini. People come into our lives for all sorts of reasons, but sometimes, we outgrow even our closest companions. Under this electric sky, you’ll find yourself inspired by your extended community. It’s less about the people you know and more about the people you’re going to meet.


October 3, when Pluto concludes its retrograde cycle, everything rises to the surface. Whatever has been brewing will finally bubble over, and all types of relationships (romantic, platonic, etc) will be up for review. Remember that you can’t maintain an unhealthy dynamic just because it’s an “inconvenient time” to call bullshit. Your partnerships should bring you joy, not stress. October 13 when the Full Moon in Aries electrifies the area of your chart associated with career and public image. The Moon reflects your emotional inner world, so when this celestial body faces off with the radiant Sun, you’ll be granted a new, incredible perspective on your career.


 The daily grind is beginning to beat you down—and Pluto is definitely to blame. On October 3, however, Pluto stations direct, concluding its long retrograde cycle that began back in April. It may take a few days to feel the shift in energy, but now that Pluto is back on course, you’ll begin to rediscover your joie de vivre. I mean, why shouldn’t you have a love affair at the laundromat? Life is meant to be dramatic!


Virgo love, you’re an extremely innovative person. Your mind works in unique, complex ways, and your dynamic perspective reflects your artistic sensibility. Whether you pursue writing, visual art, stand-up comedy, or another form of abstract expression, it’s important for you to always have a creative outlet. Fortunately, Pluto stations direct on October 3, encouraging you to deep dive into your talents. Embrace your gifts, Virgo love! You have nothing to hide. You’ll become increasingly aware of both your emotional and physical needs. Usually, you’re a bit of an overthinker, but you’ll feel ready to take action under this sky. What’s eating up your time, Virgo love? Does your calendar reflect your personal goals, or is it jam-packed with “obligations?” If you’re struggling to accomplish everything, use this lunation to consider ways you can take charge of your schedule.


Since 2008, Pluto has been inching its way across your domestic zone—a transit that has been radically shifting your perception of home and family. But over the past few months, it’s been moving backward and things have felt skewed. This planet returns to its direct motion on October 3, and you can expect some sizeable changes to occur as a result. You may have a blow-out argument with your parents or find yourself moving across the country to pursue a new passion. But no matter how Pluto affects you, remember that every action is linked to your destiny right now. 


October 3, Pluto concludes its long retrograde orbit and resumes its forward motion. For you, Scorpio darling, this will positively improve your relationships within your local community. Tensions with a sibling or colleague will begin to dissipate over the next few weeks, as Pluto’s journey through Capricorn will clear whatever is no longer working. At the end of the day, you may discover that not all battles are worth fighting. You know not everyone is going to understand you and that’s totally fine. Direct your attention where it matters, Scorpio.


You need resources to pursue your passions, so you’ve committed to projects to keep your wallet full, and this has left you with no time to pursue the projects you wanted to chase in the first place. This vicious cycle will come to an end on October 3 when Pluto, the planet of transformation, stations direct. (It’s been moving retrograde in your money zone since April.) Finally, you’ll start to find a way to have it all. October 13 inspires a surge of creativity. This is a very auspicious Full Moon for you, Sagittarius darling, so be sure to take advantage of the Moon’s radiant abundance. Set intentions and manifest, because any seeds you plant under this sky will be sure to blossom.


On October 3, when Pluto concludes its retrograde, these shifts become increasingly apparent. Note which areas of life are experiencing upheaval and remember that everything (literally, everything) is connected. Changes in one domain will directly impact another, so don’t be surprised if the next several months ignite unprecedented growth. October 13 under this vivid sky, you’re inspired to find your anchor.


October 3, Pluto the planet of transformation ends its retrograde cycle. Over the next few months, this small (but extremely mighty) planet will be dancing through your professional sector, reigniting your passion and illuminating your path. October 13 talking about others is merely a distraction, and right now, you need to stay focused on yourself. Monumental changes are just around the corner.


On October 3, Pluto stations direct, helping you get back on track with your quest. You may not have it all figured out just yet, but the journey is the destination. October 13, a Full Moon in Aries activates the financial sector of your chart. If you’ve been brainstorming innovative ways to boost your bank account balance, this is an excellent lunation to practice money manifestation. Turn off your technology (no, not airplane mode—turn it off), light up a few (preferably green!) candles, and focus visualize your prosperity. 


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