Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!!

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Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!!
Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!!


Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here!!

Near Tuesday and again on Sunday, your career, unpaid work or full-time course will be changed for months – perhaps years – by a dramatic shift in roles, rights and responsibilities. Ceres is at large with Venus and the South Node, so ask yourself what was happening 19 years ago, and even 38 years ago. What you are going to see are two promotions and a demotion. This maybe your boss, staff, colleague, client or competitor. It may be your lecturer, classmate or teacher. Perhaps you, yourself, will be put up where you belong – it depends on your personal birth chart, which you can see now, if you are a Premium Member. If you do have a membership, keep reading for your extended forecast this week.


The time has come to look at a new world, from the old world, and this involves other regions of your own country, but also foreign places, spaces and faces. It’s a carve-up. It’s also a beginning, and history and astrology tell us that it’s wise to accept, compromise, adjust and adapt. We are looking at the South Node cycle here, which was likely known to the people of Stonehenge. It was certainly known in ancient India. They call it the Dragon’s Head and it points upwards. So, should you. Onwards and upwards. There may be a book, website, course, degree, export plan, import program, holiday, vacation or relocation involved for many people born with the Sun in Taurus. Tremendous power is here to be shared, reallocated, reclaimed and divided.


Your mortgage and marriage, legacy, family financial relationships, bank commitments, house, apartment, charity, valuables, business, insurance, shares, taxes – are all affected by historic astrological patterns due on Tuesday and Sunday. You will need to accept a new state of affairs, rather like a game of musical chairs, where various people and organizations must wait for the music to stop, then find a new seat – in a new game. Ceres in the no-nonsense and practical sign of Capricorn urges you to roll up your sleeves and get on with it. That was then, this is now – and this is 2020. Any individual or group of people who tried to take over, will be thrown out of the game. They may, in fact, lose their shirts. There is karma at work here. It goes back 19 years, 38 years, 57 years. It reaches back into previous incarnations too. We talk about profit and loss, debt and credit, but in astrology it is spiritual. It concerns the soul, not so much the bank account, although it is the Money-Go-Round which spins your wheels.


A great many people born under your sign will separate, divorce, become engaged, wed or move in together this week. A high percentage of Cancer people will also fall in love. Other common outcomes of the transits we see this week include pregnancy, adoption, a new home. You don’t see the South Node in your opposite sign of Capricorn very often. This cycle was last with you 19 years ago, and 38 years before that. It will not occur again for another 19 years. So, if you feel you are at a milestone, you are correct. Cancer, sometimes this three-way astrological pattern (the South Node, Ceres and Venus are all involved) emphasizes an enemy. Your opposition. Your rival. The other side can be at war with you, as much as the other side can be in bed with you. The astrology we use today comes from Rome and the story of Ceres and Venus may have personal meaning for you. Venus was an unfaithful wife who resented her daughter-in-law, adored her lover, manipulated her son and betrayed her husband. Ceres was a possessive mother who loathed her powerful son-in-law and adored her daughter. Now, it is very rare for a Roman myth to literally translate into your life, but it does happen. More tellingly, on a symbolic level this week, you must set aside strong emotions in favor of a practical outcome. A compromise.


You will be directly affected by the promotion, compromise, take-down and new agreement at work this week. This also applies to your college or university degree. To any unpaid work you do, including housework or voluntary commitments. If you think you’ve seen it all before, you have. Not literally, perhaps, but certainly in terms of the overall patterns. Your job, school, university or college situation 19 years ago was just the same. We may even be looking at past lives here, as the South Node, now triggering your horoscope, moves in eternal spirals, backward in time. Master and servant themes can occur on the patterns we see this week. You all/both need to agree, to disagree, and move on. Strong feelings are common when we see Ceres and Venus in your chart. They are also pretty useless, if there is to be a new set-up in 2020. Issues about time-sharing, divided responsibilities, individual control and entitlement are here to be decided. Leo, in a very few cases, the larger reason for this reshuffle of routine will be health-related. If you have a medical issue which prevents you working, studying, volunteering or doing the housework then there is an even stronger reason to leave feelings out of it. A practical and common-sense plan which involves deal-making with others (and with yourself) is required.


You may be dealing with your daughter and her boyfriend or husband. Perhaps, a mother-in-law creating obstacles. Your own mother and her politics? These are just some of the examples even the Romans would have understood, in the Virgo horoscope this week. To this, we might add, intense and rather possessive mother-son relationships. Infidelity, adultery and the impact on the children. Again, the Romans would have understood all this, as you go into a week dominated by Venus and Ceres in your astrological chart. The thing is, Virgo, even if you are just feeling tangled emotions and seeing others delve deeply into complicated relationships (or passionate feelings) – you’re experiencing this cycle. Potential pregnancy or step-parenting, babies, infants, school children, teenagers and/or Millennials all bring it out. A new deal is coming. And what a deal. Power and control must be redistributed and shared, so very different. As a practical earth sign, you know enough, to park emotions.


Your ruling planet Venus is conjunct the South Node this week, so the situation with a family member, your house, apartment, hometown, homeland or household is intensely personal. You are so well-known for compromise, but even your willingness to balance the scales will be tested by tremendous changes on Tuesday and Sunday. Venus is an ancient symbol of emotional attachment, deep envy, great vanity, sexual desire and psychological possession. Sometimes families or even shared households can be like a cross between Gone With the Wind and The Simpsons. It pays to keep your sense of humor. The fact is, you are facing a carve-up. Ceres is also conjunct the South Node. She is a symbol (since 1801) of new agreements to differ. What might interest you greatly is the parallels you are seeing with life 19 years ago, 38 years ago, and even 57 years ago (depending on your age, or memory). Nobody expects you to rush into the new situation as if it was fast or easy. It will take time to adjust and adapt, and you will still be trying to balance those scales in January 2020. Yet, as the most famously fair-minded of the 12 zodiac signs, you must accept what is also fair and just. The balance of power is shifting, enormously, but the new world that emerges at home, in your town or country, with your people – was always meant to be.


To be heard and read as you wish, during 2018 and 2019, has been very difficult. Is that the understatement of the year? If we factor in the worldwide web, the publishing industry, the media – that is probably enough. We have not even begun to look at individual issues with communication, which may involve everyone from your husband to your brother. It is so ironic that you live in a world where there have never been more devices or spaces to get your message across – and yet it has never been so much hard work. This week is a turning point. A carve-up of the controls is coming. A new power balance. What happens on Tuesday and Sunday is a game-changer for you, Scorpio. Yet, the process is rather long and drawn-out, and it may not be until January 2020 that you see the full details.


On Tuesday and Sunday, you see firm evidence that everything old is new again. What happens with your business interests, shares, company, taxes, insurance, house, apartment, charity, investments, legacy, salary, debts and the rest – is familiar. Different numbers, very similar situation, if you hark back to your life 19 years ago, or even 38 years ago. Some astrologers would even invoke past lives. Everything is a relationship this week. So, you have to put a price on your own peace of mind, within or without a specific partnership, or family tie. Those are just two examples. We may also be talking about former lovers, potential partners, or purely legal matters involving others in your profession. Yet, it all feels so intensely personal! Accepting your fair share of what is fair, is the key. Nobody is ever going to be wholly thrilled, but over time it will become easier to make things work, as a whole – for the whole.


You will be flying a very different flag after the Ceres-South Node conjunction in Capricorn, your own zodiac sign. Your badge and ensign. Your coat of arms and even your name. Your colors and your mast. The fact is, this carve-up has happened before, even if you can’t remember it. (And if you can, we may be talking about life 19, 38, 57, 76 years ago!) Just being aged around 19 or 76 years old, means you are due for an image change. The new you will not be reborn without a great deal of deep feeling. Yet, you have to answer questions about how powerful you want to be. This necessarily involves a wrangle over your very identity. The portrait or photograph we have of you. Your Twitter profile, if we want to be trivial about it. Your many different parts conjure up the Walt Whitman question about knowing yourself – you contain multitudes. How that is all divvied up, particularly in terms of the flag you fly, is the week’s big question, after a tremendous change which may even take you back into prior incarnations. Some astrologers would say this is a very old karma.


I am not sure that anyone else will ever know what takes place for you this week, unless you have a confidante, or someone to confess your secrets to, Aquarius. Is this a battle for your soul? Perhaps, not so much a battle. This is more like a compromise, and although it is clear to you by Sunday, it may not be until January next year that you reach the deeper levels of this agreement with yourself. The question has to be asked – who are you when nobody else is there? This may even reach into your unconscious mind, your chakras or your spirit. Your dreaming self, if you like, or the person who is locked up inside a filing cabinet or safe, either at home or in a vault somewhere. The triple appearance of Ceres, Venus and the South Node suggests a great deal is to be gained by looking back 19 years. You have been here before and this is part of an ongoing story that spirals back and forth in time. Minimize distractions. This is your (own) week.


Every group, no matter if it is a cricket team, army unit, rock band, secret society, sewing circle, political party or trade union – has its inner workings. Wheels go round, friendships turn on them, or fall off them. This week your group is under reconstruction. It is possible that there will be a departure. A promotion. It is far more likely that there will be a shift in influence and control, as all concerned are forced to agree to a compromise. You don’t honestly see Ceres, Venus, and the South Node line up like this very often. Nobody is expecting you to put your shoulder to the wheel and turn, quickly or easily. There is so much more work to be done, and Christmas is coming. We are talking January, for a complete ironing-out of final details. Until then, in spirit anyway, it makes sense to accept what comes. If there is anyone in the group who has been trying to lord it over other people, he or she is history. Those are the rules with Ceres. The South Node suggests you all/both have rather long history if you accept the existence of past lives! Even if you don’t, there is a familiar feeling about this week’s changes that takes you back 19 years.


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