Walmart has noticed similarities between their logo and Kanye West‘s newly designed Yeezy logo, and now they’ve taken legal action.

As reported by CNN, a notice of opposition was filed by Walmart to the US Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month, which challenged the proposed logo design by West. Both logos represent a sun, with Walmart’s having six thick lines and Yeezy’s eight dotted ones.

In a letter given to CNN, put forward by Walmart, the company claimed they had communicated with West’s apparel brand twice last year, in July and August, and again in January, February and March of this year.Advertisement

walmart yeezy logo
CREDIT: Walmart and Yeezy via US Patent and Trademark Office

“To date, we have not received any conclusive information from Yeezy regarding the planned use or any cooperation from Yeezy in order to find common ground,” the letter states.

The letter also read, “Walmart believes the logo design depicted in the Yeezy Application is confusingly similar to Walmart’s well-known spark logo design.”

While Yeezy put forward the proposed logo design in early last year, Walmart have been using their logo since 2007.

The notice of opposition is a blow in what’s been a relatively steady rise for West’s fashion brand. Last month, he struck a deal with fashion giant Gap that was reportedly worth almost $1billion USD.Advertisement

Earlier this month, he collaborated with Balenciaga for a line of shirts that paid tribute to the late DMX, reportedly raising over $1million for X’s family.

In addition, the prototype of Nike Air Yeezys that West wore at the 2008 Grammys were recently auctioned off for $1.8million.

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