Let’s Talk Pay-Per-View

Considering adding Pay-Per-View? Well,  let’s first start off by talking about what Pay-Per-View actually means for you.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) actually means exactly what it sounds like. When you add PPV to a package, you have the ability to watch shows on a pay per view basis—meaning, you pay for each live event, movie or show that you watch on that specific PPV channel.

Now, what’s unique about the PPV feature is that you don’t pay for the feature to be “flipped on” for your account. You only pay when you purchase a specific show. 

Pay Per View

Wait… What?

Yep, that’s right. You only pay when you purchase a specific show.

Vuuzle TV is rolling out its own enterprise-level Pay Per View platform that will allow it’s partners to generate revenue from live paid subscriptions. These events will be concerts, live training events, talk shows, sports and a multitude of exclusive productions.

Pay Per View Partners will also be able to decide if they want to opt-in for additional revenue by allowing dynamic ad insertion to be part of their feed by going to ad breaks.

Becoming a Channel/Content Partner or to set up to do a live PPV event is really easy all you need to do it go to www.vuuzle.co and you will get all the information you need to go live and start building your business!

Vuuzle TV Live Streaming Content Partners And Shows


Businessman and reality TV star, who came to prominence after being featured in the Animal Planet reality TV series “Tanked”, has now teamed up with Vuuzle TV to start his next series of TV shows and live broadcasting channels.

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This series Swag House Kitchen serves delicious and mouth-watering cuisine with Brett Raymer. As we follow his journey into new dinner, lunch, or date night ideas we will find our tummies full of new recipes, tips, and tricks for a flavorful dish.


Coming soon the NFL Alumni live events:

  • Players highlights
  • Coaches Corner
  • Former Players

This partnership will give the next generation of sports fans the flexibility and instant gratification watching there sports hero’s well after they have left the playing field on a daily bases knowing they still are living their lives, running their businesses, supporting their families and working collectively in each Alumni chapter to have a positive effect on everyone worldwide.  Look Out for NFLA TV on Vuuzle!



What we want to do here on Vuuz News is we want to bring real people from around the world who can give you information and help you decide what’s real and what’s not real. Normally you would think the news would never lie and everything that news networks report are nothing but the truth. We live in a different world today we actually live in a world where people are looking for viewership. They’re looking for people to follow them because they come up with something exciting or new.

Vuuzle TV and Vuuz News want people during this time, to understand that during this global reset we’re going to be able to give you information that you can count on. We’re going to be able to be with you through the hard times and the good times.

Vuuzle plans to keep teaming up with great content providers to stream television to users in a new way with a classic feel.


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