It Sounds Insane When You Hear That A Completely Free To Use Platform Is Willing To Share Economy With Its Viewers. Well, It’s True!  

It’s a new era for sure and as time moves on you will begin to see a lot more platforms sharing profits with its end users.  The team at Vuuzle is working very hard on crunching the numbers that make sense for everyone. 

Here are some basics on how it will work.  The viewer will have the choice of having 2 accounts.  One will be a free basic account and the other will be a free get paid to view account.  The analytics will count and keep show on the viewer’s end how many VUCO Coins they have earned for their watch time. 

The number of coins will appear on the corner of the media player of any of the content they are watching.  Since Vuuzle has its own coin now it’s a great incentive for everyone.  Vuuzle Media Corp LTD is excited to continue building innovation into all of its streaming technology and plans to continue forecasting what will be the future in content delivery.  

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