Coronavirus – Global Reset

We are calling this the Global Reset. The whole world has been shutdown. Some states on lockdown and you just wonder to yourself how much longer is this going to last? When are things finally gonna go back to normal? And another thing that is going through people’s heads is what’s true about all of this? There are so many conspiracy theories going around. So many people reporting fake news or their own opinion of the news instead of what’s factual.

What we want to do here on Vuuz News is we want to bring real people from around the world who can give you information and help you decide what’s real and what’s not real. Normally you would think the news would never lie and everything that news networks report are nothing but the truth. We live in a different world today we actually live in a world where people are looking for viewership. They’re looking for people to follow them because they come up with something exciting or new.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world today there’s only one story that counts today and that story is saving people’s lives. Innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong except live on planet earth and be in this situation where this coronavirus infected the whole world and here at vuuzle TV and Vuuz News we want to make people during this time, to understand that during this global reset we’re going to be able to give you information that you can count on. We’re going to be able to be with you through the hard times and the good times.


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