~ Welcome Back To VuMu Live ~

After doing 4 shows in the 3rd quarter of 2020, Ted Joseph and Prophecy Onasis will be back at it!

The last show was the week of Halloween and the duel that host the show decided to hold off until the Covid19 pandemic settled down.  As Prophecy worked with the Team at Vuuzle to release the VUMU radio streaming app that went live in February 2021 they will have a lot to talk about and catch the audience up on.  

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The first episode in 2021 will be LIVE in the 1st week of April. 

Prophecy Onasis stated, “I’m so excited to get back to doing the show, It feels like a caged animal that just got out of the zoo.”

Onasis said that pausing to sit still and work on the development of the companies technology was the best way to stay disciplined and safe from all the chaos 2020 had bundled up. 

Ted Joseph felt the same about holding off the shoot VUMU Live.  Getting through the holidays after the Halloween show was a decision both he and Prophecy agreed upon.  Ted who will be taking his 1st Covid shot will wait a few weeks longer to get to the action.  

It’s going to be a great start to the 2nd quarter of the year in hopes to finish the rest of the year strong.  While your waiting for the new VUMU Live Episodes download VUMU on IOS or Android.

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