How to unsubscribe from a YouTube channel on a computer

1. From the YouTube homepage, click on the word “Subscriptions” on the left-hand menu.

youtube channel 1

2. On the next page, click on the word “Manage” in blue type near the top right corner of the window.

manage youtube subscriptions

3. Click on the gray box that reads “Subscribed” beside the channel in question.

unsubscribed youtube

4. Click “Unsubscribe” on the window that appears.

How to unsubscribe from a YouTube channel on the mobile app:

1. Launch the YouTube app and tap the word Subscriptions on the bottom tool bar.

2. Tap the three dots below the right corner of a video from the channel in question.

youtube mobile

3. Tap Unsubscribe on the pop-up menu.

youtube mobile

And that’s it!


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