Tuxedo Shares 13-Years-In-the-Making ‘Toast 2 Us’

Amazing To Believe Tuxedo Really Spent 13 Years Developing A soothing Song The Duo Definitely Know Their Purpose

Tuxedo Shares 13-Years-In-the-Making 'Toast 2 Us'
Tuxedo Shares 13-Years-In-the-Making ‘Toast 2 Us’

Tuxedo’s upcoming third album has a bit of history a lucky 13 years, to be specific.

Jake One came up with the original idea for “Toast 2 Us” back in 2006, around the same time he met Tuxedo mate Mayer Hawthorne

“It was a beat I had I thought was dope,I made it as a rap track, but I didn’t know who the hell was going to rap on it back then, which is part of why it just sat. When we started putting together tracks for this album I ran across it and sent it to (Hawthorne) and he went crazy.”

– jake one

“I was like’ Why didn’t you send me this track in 2006! This is the one we’ve been waiting for!As soon as I heard that beat I knew it was what we needed.”

– Mayer Hawthorne 

It got even better once the neo-soul duo began clinking ideas for “Toast 2 Us” and especially when they brought Dutch pop singer Benny Sings, who Hawthorne proclaims as a “Yacht (Rock) God.” 


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