Tim Tebow still has plenty of opportunities at his fingertips.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Tim Tebow as he was officially let go by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tebow worked out with the team as a tight end despite never having played that position in his life. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t very good in training camp and as a result, the team cut him. Now, he is a new member of First Take where he will get to debate none other than Stephen A. Smith.

Now, Tebow is being offered another opportunity by none other than Jake Paul. Paul recently came off of a win against Tyron Woodley and he is now looking for more. His challenge to Tebow should come as no surprise when you consider how Jake is always looking for new challenges.

As for Tebow, he went on Sportscenter recently and immediately shot down the idea.

Tim Tebowe
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

“I did pretend to be Rocky in ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ and I won that one, so I don’t know,” Tebow joked. “I don’t think there’s much of a shot for that. I don’t think that’s where I’m probably going to head next.”

Tebow seems content with just being a broadcaster which makes sense considering his various sports failures. From his days as a quarterback to baseball to tight end, there is no more hope for Tebow as a professional athlete, so he might as well find the stability with ESPN.

As for Paul, he’ll probably fight Woodley again before anything else.

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