Google is at it again! The search engine routinely shares information around users’ habits, including its annual Year in Search intel, and its latest data dump is all about what people are craving ahead of the Big Game.

More specifically, the Google Search team crafted a color-coded map of the United States. And in order to better break down the preferences across the country, each color corresponds to a different Game Day food group. Main dishes are red, side dishes are green, appetizers are blue, dips are yellow and desserts are gray. Within that, the team noted what the most uniquely searched football viewing party food is in each state.

At first glance, it’s clear that the map is dominated by red. Though there are also several yellow and blue pockets throughout the country. This means main dishes reigned supreme across most of the country. But a bevy of ever-popular dips and apps weren’t far behind. Upon closer inspection, you can see that on the main course front birria tacos were the top choice in the largest number of states. With residents in Nevada, Idaho and Mississippi Googling them more than any other unique main. Cuban sandwiches, beef stew and jambalaya were also popular.

As far as game day dips go, Buffalo chicken dip is the most popular dip choice. With people in states like Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Googling it more than any other recipe. Seven-layer dip proved to be another stalwart.

As for the apps, which were favored in an equal amount of states as dips. There was some search interest in standard starters like charcuterie boards and chicken wings, but there were also some less common options on the map. For example, people in Montana were most intrigued by keto egg bites. While citizens of Rhode Island had prawn toast on the brain.

When it comes to dessert and side dishes, only three states each were most interested in those courses. Americans searched for sweets such as chocolate chip cookies and mochi, while chili was clearly the preferred side.

In the days and weeks leading up to the game, which will see Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on February 7. Google has been measuring other non-food-focused data as well. Last week, for example, the Google Trends Twitter account shared the top trending question regarding the big game. Which was “How many Super Bowls for Tom Brady?” It was followed by “Who is the halftime entertainment for 2021?” (Spoiler: The Weeknd) and “How old is Patrick Mahomes?”

Additionally, that same Twitter account revealed that “Kansas City bbq” was a breakout search in the U.S. one week ago. As was “famous Tampa Bay foods,” indicating that many football fans are thinking about tailoring their menus based on the teams that are playing.

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