The world’s largest free-flying American flag was torn in half after severe thunderstorms in Wisconsin on Tuesday evening, according to an image obtained by WTMJ-TV.

The Acuity Insurance flag, located in the company’s headquarters in Sheboygan, is measured at 70′ by 140′, and weighs 340 pounds. It is nearly 100-feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, according to Acuity Insurance’s website.

Constructing the flagpole in the area, where temperatures can reach below zero-degrees, was also a feat in of itself — over 500 gallons of paint were used to layer the 420,000 pound pole, and 680 cubic yards of concrete were applied for its foundation.

On its base, a memorial is featured that includes the name of the county’s residents who died while serving in the military.

“We proudly fly this flag because we are blessed to live and work in the United States of America,” Acuity Insurance CEO Ben Salzmann said on the company website.

On Tuesday, severe thunderstorms hit several portions of the state, knocking out power for over 31,000 homes. The National Weather Service issued a thunderstorm watch until midnight as weather forecasters shifted their timetables for when they expected the storm to hit.

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