Lover came out last summer but Taylor Swift is nowhere near done churning out more projects for fans to get excited about. Today, Taylor dropped the music video for “The Man” and her loyal followers are living for how she shaded Kanye West and Scooter Braun amid taking aim at the patriarchy as a whole.

After undergoing a major makeover, Taylor starred as the main man in the video and proceeded to man-spread on the subway, be a d*ck without any consequences, urinate in public, and be labeled the “world’s greatest dad” after doing regular parental duties. Amid all that, she snuck in some Kanye and Scooter easter eggs, referencing her ongoing feuds with both of them.

After the bit where the old man gets married to the young woman, Taylor’s male counterpart runs through a hallway that looks just as creepy and barren as the one in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s home.

InStyle also suggested the scene where the dude leaves the sleeping woman in bed after hooking up is a reference to Kanye’s “Famous” video and the woman is supposed to be Kim Kardashian. Interesting theory for sure!

As for Scooter, when Taylor does the all-too-familiar peeing in public thing, there are signs along the wall that say “Missing. If found return to Taylor Swift” and one with a picture of a scooter crossed out.

Among those signs, her album names are also graffitied on the walls with the word “karma” written in huge letters. Of course, karma could just refer to Taylor’s Vogue “73 Questions” video and how she believes everyone will get what’s coming to them eventually, but some fans are convinced it’s the title of her next album.

Basically, Taylor is sending out another warning for everyone who dares to cross her. Don’t do it unless you want to be turned into an Easter egg in a video and have her stans unleashed!


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