Statue Of ‘Friday The 13th’ Slasher Jason At Bottom Of Arizona’s Lake

Statue Of 'Friday The 13th' Slasher Jason At Bottom Of Arizona's Lake

After searching the area we knew he was located in, we were able to get some great footage of the Statue. The video went viral on Reddit and the Arizona Parks Department got wind of the soggy psychopath residing in their lake and were not happy about it. In September of 2018, the AZ parks Department sent 150 divers to locate and remove Jason Vooorhees…. 

There were rumors going around town that a life-sized Jason Voorhees Statue was residing at the bottom of Lake Pleasant in Arizona. We had just recently got Scuba certified and were intrigued by this rumor, so we set out to find and capture Jason’s likeness using our underwater camera. 

They were unsuccessful and he still resides there to this day. The AZ Parks Department has no further plans to try and recover the Statue so he will be haunting the lake for years to come!


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