Shenmue 3 delayed until November

Shenmue 3 delayed until November
shenmue 3 delayed

Fans of the Shenmue series will have to wait a little bit longer before playing the coveted third installment. The team behind SHENMUE 3 DELAYED its release until November, according to a recent update. Fans have been anticipating the game by the end of summer on August 27.

They felt “the extra time we have will help us deliver the true Shenmue experienced players around the world deserve!”

The first two games in the series were so successful. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the game for years now. If a couple of extra months help ensure the quality is up to par with expectations, it seems like the right move to delay the game.

The original Shenmue came to North America in 2000, with the sequel in 2002.

Back in 2015, Suzuki expressed a desire to finish the full story he had envisioned, which would require a fourth or fifth installment in the franchise.

In the grand scheme of things, November really isn’t that far off. It won’t be too long before we’re in China with Ryo and Shenhua!


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