Here Are Some September 11th Celebrity Birthdays


Let’s look at some of the famous celebrities who celebrate their birthday on the 11th of September!

Singer-turned-actor Harry Connick Jr. was introduced to music at an early age, as his parents owned a record store. He released his first album at 19, started acting a few years later, and has starred in numerous TV shows and films since.

Taraji P. Henson has built an impressive career on screens both big and small. On top of her long running part on the hit TV series ‘Empire’, the actress has also found the time to star in blockbuster films like ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘What Men Want’, not to mention earning an Oscar nomination in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

Chris Bridges, better known by his stage name Ludacris, wrote his first rap song at 9 years old. He’s since sold millions of records, won tons of awards, started his own label, and become a popular actor, perhaps best known for his part in the ‘Fast & Furious’ film franchise.

Happy Birthday to all these stars!


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