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Brooklyn-based designer Romeo Hunte may be pretty new to the fashion scene, but he’s already dressed some of the biggest stars out there.


Quote: Romeo Hunte

“I am Romeo Hunter and this is my Spring/Summer 2020 show.”

Brooklyn-based designer Romeo Hunte may be pretty new to the fashion scene, but he’s already dressed some of the biggest stars out there. From Beyonce to Zendaya, Hunte’s cutting edge creations are making heads turn. Aside from showing his stunning collection, the designer was also keen on making a statement about the gender fluidity of his looks.

Quote: Romeo Hunte

“My inspiration really started with the key silhouettes and staples, from more of a business, work lifestyle on the go. And I kind of just want to change the narrative of business casual to business street and kind of introduce, and mixing those roles together, and also adding some key, some things I love. It’s very sporty, very dressy, you see a lot of drawstrings, and I feel like, when you see that the pieces are very flexible, are gender-fluid, that it could be married for male or female, and kind of play a brother and sister story, which I like to say.”   

He wasn’t the only designer at New York Fashion Week making a statement about gender, masculinity and femininity. Many designers seemed eager to create an inclusive atmosphere regardless of gender, size, or age. One of Hunte’s good friends, celebrity stylist Ty Hunter. Was all about the positive vibes at the show. And gushed over the designer and the inclusive nature of his catwalks.

Quote: Ty Hunter 

“It’s not even about the clothes. I am just glad not everything is this thin model. That we are giving everyone a chance, everyone is beautiful. You know, we have amputees, wheelchairs, sure, plus size. I love that, that’s what I love the most. I like that people are starting to find themselves, instead of everyone being so cookie-cutter. Find what works for you, find your fashion, quit comparing yourself to others, just live your life. We are living in very dark times. So I feel like everyone should just learn, and just be happy with yourself. We are not born with clothes on, your skin is your number one outfit. So once you to get right in that outfit. Don’t worry about what people say.”

Whether it’s his clothes or the statements he makes through his designs, Hunte is definitely one to watch. He’s also been catching the eye of some pretty special women, including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Quote: Romeo Hunte

“I think I blew my mother and my daughter away a lot, you know, they were very happy. I think social media really plays a great role, so being know for something. I think that when it came down to Michelle she wanted me to be myself. To make something that was tailored to her, and I know that she always, she’s a working woman. That’s a lot of inspiration for season 2, where the blazer. I really want to do something that a woman can wear as a blazer as a dress or open it or wear it as a jacket. And there are many different ways a blazer is worn.” 

Dressing a power woman like Michelle Obama is no small feat. So we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more from Romeo Hunte.


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