Rob Gronkowski shared a disturbing detail about having pockets of liquid around his head from football

Rob Gronkowski this week revealed the extent to which football beat him down.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski, who retired in March, said from a press conference to promote a CBD-based recovery ointment, that football was “bringing [him] down” and that he was not in a good place. He said he needed time to recover.

Speaking with NBC News on Wednesday, Gronkowski revealed a disturbing detail about life during football. Saying he discovered he had pockets of liquid around his head.

“No lie, I felt my head, I used to have liquid,” Gronkowski said. “It used to be thick, like, my head used to be thicker — a centimeter of liquid in some spots. And you’d be like, what the heck? You could put indents in my head.”

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Gronkowski said the pockets have since disappeared. He gets treatments on his head, and also does things like puzzles to try to keep his mind sharp. The routines, of course, are geared toward trying to prevent CTE or other brain issues. He also said he used to experience mood swings.

“I was totally aware of what was going on with my body and my mind,” he said. “And that’s why I had to walk away.”

Since retiring, Gronkowski has dropped 15-20 pounds. Also, he began eating cleaner, staying active, and venturing into the business world. Gronkowski told Business Insider that he doesn’t have the “itch” to play football again. He also hasn’t shut the door on a comeback either.

“I gotta have that desire again, I gotta have that passion, I gotta have that fire,” Gronkowski said at his press conference of a comeback. “I gotta have that sustainability to know that if I go back out there, I can sustain it, week in and week out. I’m not gonna go out there to be beat the ‘f’ up and feeling like crap. That’s not the way to live; that’s not the way to play football.”


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