Brutally Honest Answers: Top 10 Relationship Questions People Have Asked Google
Brutally Honest Answers: Top 10 Relationship Questions People Have Asked Google

How do I get a boyfriend?

First, go to a public place and immerse yourself within the male/female species. I have no idea if this works, that’s just what 14 year old’s suggest to do on TikTok. Apparently it “works every time.” Walks by, bite your lip, look him up and down, look away, then turn back around and smile at him.

When will I get a boyfriend?

Well, you can go to the movies, get a bite to eat, hit your local pub, film YouTube makeup tutorials on each other, start a family, ask why his wife keeps calling… The list is endless!

Why does my boyfriend hate me?

Personally, He’s probably not, like, going to die die, so what’s the big deal, right? Glad we’re on the same page. He doesn’t care…

What is a boyfriend?

A boyfriend is someone who eats the last slice of pizza without consulting you first, rolls over after he orgasms, but then gets offended when he finds your stash of vibrators underneath the bed.

How do you know when your relationship is over?

When your texts are no longer “delivered,” their mother no longer follows you on Instagram, and when you can no longer see their Venmo transactions.

How to start a conversation with your boyfriend?

“Hi babe, good morning” text, but this depends heavily on how they treated you the night before. Did they buy you spicy chicken nugs with extra ranch and honey mustard? If not, “Hi” will do.

Why is my girlfriend so cute?

So. Many. Different. Reasons. If I had to guess, it’s probably because she pops your hard-to-reach back pimples and that weirdly, kind of turns you on in a gross, love-y dove-y way.

Is he my boyfriend?

Unfortunately not. The dude who you have undeniable chemistry with, who’s taller than 6′, always looks you in the eye when you’re talking, and also comes with a big package? Yeah, he’s not your boyfriend. He’s your mailman.

How to hug your boyfriend?

Just as you would anyone else, but with a cute little butt pinch—or, maybe slightly lean back when he has his arms around you so that you can make him literally fall for you (if he’s not going to emotionally, might as well make him do it physically).


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