The late YouTuber Etika’s memorial art is now a Pokéstop in the Nintendo video game Pokémon Go.

As first reported by BBC News, Pokémon Go players in New York City will be encouraged to visit the Etika mural in Brooklyn, as it’s become a Pokéstop. Pokéstops are in-game locations that players can visit to obtain bonus items.

Etika, real name Desmond Daniel Amofah, was died by suicide in June 2019 aged 29. 

He was known for his love of Nintendo games and for coining the popular term “JoyconBoyz,” a reference to the Nintendo Switch’s distinctive controllers.

The term also served as a neat way for Etika’s worldwide fanbase to establish and reinforce their group identity.

A fellow YouTuber involved with the creation of the mural, Double-A, tweeted an emotional approval of the Pokéstop.

“I had to stop by today after the Pokéstop news,” he wrote. “This whole mural stemmed from an idea I had after his [Etika’s] passing and it really came to life. I still can’t believe it’s real. Thank you everyone who’s helped make this dream come true.”

Another YouTuber, Reversal, likewise tweeted positively about thePokéstop on Tuesday, while also screenshotting the Pokéstop as it appears in-game.

When players visit the Pokéstop, they are met with the words: “Remembering the passing of Etika, JoyconBoyz forever.”

In a Tuesday interview with the BBC, Reversal called the Pokéstop “the ultimate tribute” to Etika.

“It means an incredible amount to me as a person,” he told the publication. “I’m so happy it’s there – I literally cried. He was a close friend of mine and I know he really loved Pokémon Go. It could add so much emotional value to people, I think it’s so important he’s part of the game.

“I think people will go to the mural today, spin the Pokéstop and think ‘wow – our friend is in the game.'”

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