The 44th annual Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, and as usual, it’s the place where Oscars buzz really begins to rise around many of the contenders for this year’s Academy Awards. Among the most hyped films this year is ‘Uncut Gems’, a much more dramatic project than usual for funny man Adam Sandler.

01 Quote: Adam Sandler

“Oh, it’s a very heavy movie, serious movie. It’s funny, you’re definitely tense the whole time while you’re watching it. The movies I like to make usually are relaxing, you try to make people laugh. This is a different, whole other thing.”

There was also the North American premiere of ‘Joker’. Directed by ‘The Hangover’s Todd Phillips, it takes a gritty look at the famous comic book villain.

02 Quote: Todd Phillips

“I mean, that was the approach to the movie was: what would happen if you did a deep dive character study to the Joker? What would that look like, if you based it in the real world and shot it, so to speak, through a real lens? You know, meaning like everything running through a real filter. That was the approach.”

And Antonio Banderas was on hand at the Canadian fest. He was named Best Actor at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the Spanish movie ‘Pain and Glory’, and now the flick has been announced as the country’s entry for Best Foreign Picture at the Oscars, but Antonio is not counting his chickens just yet.

03 Quote: Antonio Banderas

“It feels great, because it’s something specific and it’s objective. We have that, but 


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