Fourteen-year-old British actor Noah Jupe is one of Hollywood’s freshest faces, and the rising star hit the red carpet to premiere not one but two projects at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. We caught up with him for both flicks. First up, ‘Ford v. Ferrari’, in which he plays Christian Bale’s son.

01 Quote: Noah Jupe

“I mean, I’m just really excited and happy and proud of these two amazing movies that are here, and I’m just taking it every day by itself, and it’s what, since the day I did my first audition, it’s what I’ve always wanted. And to see this, and the amount of love that it’s getting, both movies, it’s just incredible.”

Of course, part of being a star is knowing how to get glammed up for the red carpet, and Jupe seems to be right on track with that.

02 Quote: Noah Jupe

“I’m very, very into art. I love, art is the definition for me of freedom, and I love expressing myself and I’ve got very into jewelry recently, and so you know, it’s fun.”

And Noah’s second night at TIFF was for ‘Honey Boy’, in which he portrays Otis, a child star loosely based on the real-life of Shia LaBeouf, who’s also in the flick. For Jupe, a child star himself, the role definitely had some lessons to teach him.

03 Quote: Noah Jupe

“A lot of things in this movie really, of kind of what a child actor means and how you’re brought up on set, honestly, I really, one of the things I’ve learned is you’ve really got to separate the fame and the kind of Hollywood side of things to reality. And I really try to do that. Like, I go to school, and I have breaks from this crazy 


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