Nipsey Hussle’s Debut Puma Collection Is On the Way

Nipsey Hussle's collection with Puma is now up for release.Nip's team announced via his Instagram Tuesday (Aug. 20) that the collection will be available to the public.

Nipsey Hussle's Debut Puma Collection Is On the Way
Nipsey Hussle's Debut Puma Collection Is On the Way

Nipsey Hussle’s collaboration with Puma has been in the pipeline for some time, but the capsule has finally been given a release date.

Nip’s team announced that his collection will be available to the public for purchase on Sept. 5. Hussle initially teased the collaboration back in March with an expected fall release date. 

“Nipsey spearheaded this project from concept to final product over the course of last year, flying to meetings, reviewing samples, bringing in material references he liked, and most importantly ensuring that it reflected his style authentically with no compromise,Each detail from logo placement, fit, colorways, and materials was thoughtfully done. His signature style and DNA can be found in each garment that’s part of this collection from the khaki suit to the tracksuit.”


“This project is very special to our team and we’re handling it with the utmost care to ensure it’s delivered exactly as Nipsey envisioned it, It’s a privilege for us to honor his commitment and carry out this project for people to receive a personally curated collection by Nip Hussle Tha Great.”

In addition to the capsule arriving next month, construction is also underway of the Nipsey Hussle Tower nearby The Marathon Clothing store’s shopping center in Los Angeles. 



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