NFL Alumni, The Sam Bam Show..
 BACK again with another exciting episode!

Hosted by Sam Bam Cunningham a former fullback at USC and 1st round draft pick to the New England Patriots in 1973. Also, Co-hosted by Ron Scoggins. An offensive tackle from UNLV who moved on to be a free agent for the Seattle Seahawks in 1987.

Jesse Jones

Public School Accomplishments


  • Consistently Met API and AYP Goals
  • Consistently Increased Graduation Rate.
  • Consistently Increased Passage of the California High School Exit Exam
  • Created’ College and Career Center
  • Created a Malé & Fernale Academy
  • Established Centennial Orchestra conducted by Maestro Dino Zonio
  • Tripled Bånd Membership Band
  • Appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Rap Video Appearance for Kendrick Lamar
  • Music Unites
  • Musication Los Angeles Clipper Basketball Clinic 
  • Liaison between Community Businesses and School District 

Band Awards: 

  • First Place – Compton Christinas Parade (second consecutive year)
  • First Place – Pasadena Black History Parade (Pasadena, CA)
  • First Place – BET X Drum Line Competition
  • Second Place – Home Depot Battle of the Bands “Druni Off” 
  • Third Place – Jazz Band Winner World Strides Heritage Performance (San Francisco, CA)

Partnerships/Community Involvement: 

  • Ray Charles Foundation
  • Sony Pictures
  • Stroller Foundations
  • Music Unites Foundations 
  • The Grammy Museum
  • Faith Inspirational M.B.C, Pastor Rafer Owens 
  • Mentoring-Hitting the Right Note

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