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Here is a list of the top 5 Featured movies out of hundreds that are available for free on Vuuzle.TV!






1. The Pugilist’s Son

Billy Hope is a young fighter, a promising talent, but he is shrouded in the shadow of his father. Billy’s father Terry is a failed fighter, he’s a boxer who never quite made it, he was never quite good enough and his world title dream was never realised. But as time passed there was another way he could keep his dream alive, through the next generation, namely his son. Billy yearned to please his father who has since slumped into depression. He saw that winning his fights lit up the flames in his father’s eyes. He strives to reignite those dwindling flames by living out his father’s dream in the boxing ring. Until one explosive day in the gym.

2. Grand Street

A chance encounter between an out-of-work film executive and an aspiring writer leads to a 24 hour Manhattan odyssey through an underworld and back. Driven by hopes and dreams, steered by selfish yearnings and vague promises, Camilla and Amo’s journey is mythic and fated with irreparable consequences for both. A dark romance set in New York City.

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3. The Sad Café

The Sad Cafe, brings to life the gritty world where cause and effect, life and death, love and hatred play out a delicate balance. A place where unrequited love is the driving force behind closing ourselves off from the world, and is the cause of unrelenting bitterness to the happiness that was taken from us, the happiness we long for. The Sad Cafe is, at its core, a love story…a romance tragic in all aspects. A testimony to the pain people endure in their pursuit for love and companionship. 

4. Elder Jackson

A Mormon missionary, Jacob Jackson has a very disciplined regime. But he encounters Kathy. Caught between his desires and pressures from the hierarchy, Jacob finally reveals his true self.

5. Marvin Seth and Stanley

Marvin’s estranged sons, Seth and Stanley, return home for a camping trip. As past grudges are exposed, their weekend getaway slowly unfurls.

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