Graveyard Of Horror, a Spanish production originally titled Necrophagus, does more than keep the ball rolling. In fact, this rabidly-edited creeper might be one of the strangest straight-up horror films from 1971. Yes, even stacked up against an eyeball-popper like Headless Eyes.

After a brief prologue/flashback involving fresh graves, we meet Michael. Michael’s wife died while giving birth to their stillborn child. Michael travels to the castle where it all went down and we meet a lot of characters, all of which seem to be immediately related to Michael (in-laws, sisters, nieces, etc.).

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Through an obtuse barrage of flashbacks and puzzling occurrences, the film presents mystery upon mystery, but never truly gets to the bottom of anything. I’m more than happy to let that slide though, especially when we’ve got snowy cemeteries, a couple of nightmarish gravediggers in old-man masks, and a minute-long cameo by the greatest trash creature this side of The Evil One from Brides Of Blood.

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