When Bud discovers that his father Mike changed both their names after Bud’s mother’s much-publicized disappearance – Bud’s trust in his father was shattered.

He gives up his partying lifestyle in Philadelphia and moves to New York. There he shares an apartment with Neil, who he later discovers to be gay. The other lead character of ‘God-Links,’ Holly, is a single professional living alone in New York.

She decides to take acting classes to meet new people, and there she meets Bud, while he is accompanying Neil to his acting class. Introduced to Bud by her acting teacher, Holly likes Bud immediately. Throughout the movie, Holly is guided by her comedic guardian angel Earl. When Holly meets Bud, Earl is confused because Bud’s guardian angel is no longer guarding him. Holly and Bud meet during the week as Holly is going to work, and discover they are neighbors. They decide to take another acting class together, and Holly’s guardian angel Earl hears Bud’s guardian angel Yvette say from a distant far off place, to please help Bud remember. Earl recognizes Bud’s female guardian angel as his one lost love, Yvette. So Earl guides Holly to help Bud remember; so Yvette can return to his side. Bud remembers that he witnessed his father murder his mother when he was only 6 years old.

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