Milkk Gets Happy With ‘All to Myself’: Video

"All To Myself" spiced with trap techniques and 808 rhythms

Milkk Gets Happy With 'All to Myself': Video

Milkk gets happy with “All To Myself,” whose video is premiering exclusively below. It’s the first of several singles the Nashville trio plans to release this year.

“The album was a lot about my monumental struggles and dealing with some major anxiety over the last couple of years and depressive episodes, ups and downs in my marriage — it’s just the unloading of my life of the last few years, in musical form, It’s like, OK, we’ve done that. I really liked it. Great. What’s next?’ It’s been a long time since I wrote love songs and relationship songs and songs just to help people have a good time. So I was thinking, ‘OK, summer’s coming up. What can we do?”

– Kiloran

 Milkk is working up, the group wanted to write really strong songs, really catch songs and then pair it with sounds we like.

“We want all these songs to be an ode not only to my own relationship but for anyone to identify with,We want them to be something to put on in summer to vibe out at night — if you’re driving or put on by the pool. We wanted to do something less serious, less introspective and more something that anyone can be part of.”

–  Kiloran 

Another album may be on the horizon.

“We just want to put out singles and focus on how we want people to see Milkk. So we really need to hone in on these songs and what we want them to be. It’s coming piece by piece, and we’re having a good time doing it this way right now.”


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