Celebrity Of The Week Miley Cyrus

Popular TV actress and recording artist Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze us and surely deserves to be ranked among the world’s greatest A-List celebrities.


Celebrity Of The Week – Miley Cyrus

Popular TV actress and recording artist Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze us and surely deserves to be ranked among the world’s greatest A-List celebrities.

Maybe just a tiny bit piggybacking off the last name she shares with her famed country singing father Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley found her very own acting aspirations early. After some minor roles in films like ‘Big Fish’, it was in 2006 when she snagged the all important title role of ‘Hannah Montana’ that turned her into a teen idol and the new face of the Disney Channel. From there, Miley decided to make follow some more in her father’s footsteps and pursue a music career. Now, she’s had multiple chart topping hits.

Of course, every innocent child has to grow up someday, and wow, did Miley grow up. Following her iconic career changing live performance at the MTV Awards in 2013, you know, the one where she twerked on Robin Thicke, Miley began promoting herself as an intense wild child character.

Around that time the rising young star had an estimated net worth of a stunning $165 million dollars, which instantly made her #1 on the ‘Top 10 Richest Teens in Hollywood’ list. It was in those days that she managed to accumulate most of her wealth: more than $100 million bucks within half a decade.

Suffice it to say that the girl knows how to rake in the cash. Good thing she knows how to spend it too.

Miley’s A-List character traits become apparent the second she starts giving things away. Because seriously, how many 17-year olds can afford birthday presents for their mother like this.

Quote: Miley Cyrus

“I got her a little diamond cross necklace, which I was really excited about. She loves it. Which I stole like the next day, but that doesn’t matter. I was like; alright, that’s mine.”

Her father seems to get a bit of a rough deal when his daughter buys him presents, though.

Quote: Miley Cyrus

“My dad is a hard person to shop for. I get him cool cuffs from American Eagle. That’s what he loves. So he’s like.. I don’t know, he doesn’t know the difference. I’ll be like; yeah dad. If I said that Target and Louis Vuitton was the same, he would believe me. He doesn’t know any different.”

It’s clear Miley’s parents are the recipients of a tremendous amount of gratitude from the young multi millionaire. It was, in fact, practically impossible for Miley to express her love for them without bursting into tears.

Quote: Miley Cyrus

“I just want to tell my parents that I hope that this makes them proud and somehow makes up for all the shit that I’ve do. All the time. You are two of the most selfless people, and you have taught me and all my siblings how important it is to be there for those who need us. And how important it is to care about other people and their lives. So thank you making me believe that and people say they don’t choose their family, but I choose my family every time. And I think that even if you weren’t my mom and dad, I’d hope we’ll still be in the room together looking for a cure. So thank you very much.”

And you can tell the singer values love overall. As early as 2011, Cyrus began to use her fame as a platform to give back. And ever since, she’s dedicated much of her time, effort, and money to helping charitable causes. She’s contributed substantially and financially to causes like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Love is Louder Than the Pressure to Be Perfect, and amfAR, the foundation for AIDS Research.

Quote: Miley Cyrus

“This privilege is an honour, and amfAR, I will not let this, my life, my dedication, your whole hard work and all these valuable souls that are being affected by HIV and AIDS go to waste. We will continue to fight against judgment, and we will find a cure for HIV/AIDS, so thank you very much for having me be a part of that, and I love you very much. Thank you.”

Today, Miley Cyrus is considered one of the most successful artists to have ever originated from Disney, and easily deserves to be called an ultimate A-List superstar.