Gears 5 Had the Biggest Launch of Any Microsoft Game this Generation

Gears 5 brought in over 3 million players.


Following praise from numerous publications Microsoft announced today that Gears 5 officially had the best launch.

In its opening weekend, Gears 5 amassed 3 million players in total across both Xbox One and PC platforms. This total is double that of what Gears of War 4 did at launch back in 2016. It is also “the most-played Xbox Game Studios title in its first week since 2012’s Halo 4.” It’s safe to say that the game is off to a very strong start that both Microsoft and The Coalition are surely pleased with.

Part of why Gears 5 had such a strong start though is surely due to Xbox Game Pass. The subscription service wasn’t around initially back when Gears of War 4 arrived. Meaning that it definitely helped bring in more players this time around. Even though the series primarily has its roots set on the Xbox consoles. It seems as though PC players were just as eager to start battling the Swarm.

As for what’s next for Gears 5, the game today received Batista as a new playable character. It’ll also surely be receiving a multitude of additional updates in the months and years to come, all of which will be available for free.


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