Place To Be Luxury Fair


If you want to stay completely up to date with the latest high-end goods, then luxury fairs are the place to be. Here you can gaze upon unique pieces of art, design, fashion, gadgets, gastronomy, jewelry, watches, boats, cars and… well, basically if it’s expensive enough, they have it!

We recently attended Masters of LXRY in Amsterdam. The colorful and opulent visitors are a sight all their own, but we focussed on the fine items that were on sale. 

One vehicle that definitely stood out was this very cool retro bike by Boss Classics. 

Quote: Rein-Jan Elenbaas

“This bike has a story. This bike is from origin Russian. When the Russians took over the BMW factory in the Second World War, they took out all the engines, and this is the engine they made from 1945 to 1985. We pick up this origin bike Russia, Ukraine or Moldavia. We pay the farmer his money, he’s happy, and then we get it to the Netherlands, get a Dutch sign for it so it’s approved to drive in Holland, and then we rebuilt it completely.” 

And sticking with vehicles, what do you think of this sweet boat? Also with a very cool retro look. And while just the sight of this sleek watercraft is stunning already, there’s also some impressive technology behind it.

Quote: Nick Frens

“It’s especially the hole which is very very special. The hole allowed the boat.. we can put a smaller engine in it. So it has a complete total weight of 600 kilograms which is nothing for a boat. That gives us the opportunity to transport the boat easily with a trailer from A to B. So if you think the weather here in the Netherlands is not so good at the moment, you take the car with you, the trailer and the boat on the back and you drive to Italy.” 

Of course, fashion lovers had the time of their lives too. Well, those with a bulky wallet at least. We met Swiss designer Andrea Müller who crafts her own handbags. 

Quote: Andrea Müller

“I would really like to have a good high-quality bag, with all the practical and necessary parts inside too, and you can create then your own bag, and choose the materials, and say what you want.”

The clutches are fully customizable, and clients often enhance them with gold and diamonds. But even without those materials, just the basic ones already come with impressive price tags.

Quote: Andrea Müller

“The range is really high, so for a bag like this, I would say €5.000 plus.”

Art enthusiasts could rejoice too. There were all kinds of interesting pieces on display, but we fell in love with Joyce de Gruiter’s gold-encrusted shoe art. 

Quote: Joyce de Gruiter

“I try to make sculptures that people find very funny. It must be ironic, but funny. It must be melancholic, but sometimes a little bit naughty like the bedroom slippers. Now at this art fair, I noticed that everybody is looking happy when they see my work. And also, they make many fotos of the quotes. And that’s a real true thing. Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

The last thing that caught our attention was thousands of years old mammoth tusks. While the cheaper ones are worth the only a couple of grand, the most exquisite piece cost about a hundred K. The company behind these arctic antiques is called Mammoth Ivory Trade. They’re based in Germany, but get their goods from Russia.

Quote: Sedrgey Gouralnik

“We have a team of people, an expedition team that goes into the very remote parts of the Arctic circle of Siberia. And they look for mammoth tusk, and they look for these pieces. We finance those teams and we go there ourselves to look for it, to do quality control and to asses each piece that we purchase from them.”

Of course, there was plenty more to be admired at this luxury fair, but we’ve run out of time. 


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