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Logic Gets Kingly Album Co-Sign From LeBron James

Following the release of his final album "No Pressure," Logic found himself on the receiving end of some LeBron James love.

It’s been an interesting run for Logic, arguably hip-hop’s most affable emcee and likely the most formidable Settlers Of Catan player across the entire rap game. While some of his most recent efforts, including 2019’s Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, weren’t exactly received with open arms, his loyal fanbase stood behind Bobby Tarantino with unyielding love and support. Now, creatively rejuvenated and fulfilled on a familial basis, Logic has returned in full force with his alleged hip-hop swan song No Pressure, executive produced under the watchful eye of No I.D.

Logic LeBron James

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From the sound of it, Logic’s comeback slash bow-out has been met with acclaim from even his vocal critics, touted as a return to form by those still holding onto the peaks of Under Pressure and T.I.T.S. As it happens, Logic’s latest even got a royal shoutout from none other than LeBron James, who slid some praise into a recent Instagram story.

“Morning music vibes by my G Logic,” writes LeBron, highlighting the track “Heard Em Say.” “Hate to see you go bro but damn you left in great fashion.” Naturally, Logic didn’t waste time in meeting the praise in kind, offering a brief but impactful declaration: “The King has spoken.” Check out the display of mutual respect below, and sound off — did Logic exceed your expectations with No Pressure, or did you feel like he had it in him all along?

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The King has spoken @kingjames

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