On Tuesday, Lil Wayne was charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon after possessing a “gold-plated handgun” on a fight last December.

If convicted as charged, the rapper born Dwayne Michael Carter could face a maximum penalty of 10 years of imprisonment. According to a filing from the U.S District Attorney’s Office in Miami-Dade County.

“Carter is charged with possessing a gold-plated handgun in his luggage on a private plane,”. His attorney Howard Srebnick said in a statement to PEOPLE. “There is no allegation that he ever fired it, brandished it, used it or threatened to use it. There is no allegation that he is a dangerous person. The charge is that because he was convicted of a felony in the past. He is prohibited from possessing a firearm.”


Also in his luggage, law enforcement officials found more than $25,000 in cash. Suspected cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin, pain killers and prescription-strength cough syrup. The Miami Herald reported, citing a search warrant.

No drug charges were filed against the rapper and Srebnick did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the Herald‘s reporting.

Srebnick, however, pointed to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s recent appellate dissenting opinion in a similar matter. Where she stated that it would violate the second amendment for convicted felons to be “permanently disqualified” from possessing a gun. As long as they don’t belong “to a dangerous category” or bear “markers of risk.”
Lil Wayne performs on day three of Lollapalooza in Grant Park on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019, in Chicago. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

“Although I have twice argued in the Supreme Court of the United States. I cannot predict how the Justices would rule on this constitutional law question,” Srebnick said.

Wayne was convicted with criminal possession of a weapon back in March 2010. And served a sentence of eight months in New York.

The new charge comes just a few weeks after Wayne publicly expressed his support for President Donald Trump. Praising him for his world with “criminal justice reform” and Trump’s Platinum Plan.

“He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done,” he tweeted.

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