Lil Uzi Vert has stunned the internet today after he revealed that he had a pink diamond, worth $24million USD (£17.6million), pierced into his forehead.

He showcased a video of him with the diamond in his forehead on Instagram, with the caption “beauty is pain”.ADVERTISING

On Twitter, he explained that he has been paying off the $24million diamond since 2017, having just finalised the last payment.Advertisement

Elsewhere on Twitter, he said that the diamond, which is “10 almost 11 carats”, is the most expensive purchase he’s ever made, worth more than all of his cars and his home combined.

In a since-deleted tweet, viewed and shared by Revolt, Uzi revealed that if the diamond isn’t removed safely and correctly, he could die. Alongside the tweet, he shared an image of his face with blood trickling down from underneath the diamond.

Twitter users spared no time in comparing, or making fun of, Uzi’s latest purchase to that of famous fictional characters.

In non-face diamond news, Uzi recently revealed he’s been in the studio with Grimes “making hits”.

2020 was an impressively prolific year for the rapper, seeing him release his second studio album ‘Eternal Atake‘, dropping an extensive deluxe version of that album a week later and teaming up with Future for their collaborative album ‘Pluto x Baby Pluto‘ in November.

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