Three people affiliated with Lil Durk were reportedly arrested for the murder of FBG Duck.

The mother of late Chicago rapper FBG Duck has revealed that five people were arrested in connection to her son’s murder. Shortly after finding out that five arrests had been made, the deceased rapper’s mom revealed the street names of the people arrested for Duck’s murder, naming at least three people closely connected to rapper Lil Durk.

“Muwop, C-Thang, whatever the fuck they call ’em, I was told that I could say it,” said FBG Duck’s mother on Instagram Live. “Them people promised me I would hear about my son’s killers before the internet. So y’all heard it from me first, they got they ass.”

According to a report from SayCheese TV, DQ is another person that was arrested in connection to the murder. Muwop, C-Thang, and DQ are all affiliated with Lil Durk, who had beef with FBG Duck. Smirk often referenced his disdain for Duck in his music, name-dropping the rapper many times. It’s believed that FBG Duck’s diss song “Dead Bitches” intensified the feud between Duck and his opps, which led to his murder.

Zell, another person connected to Durkio, was also named as somebody who was present for the murder of FBG Duck. Zell passed away earlier this year by suicide.

This news comes after OTF Boona, another Lil Durk affiliate, was reportedly arrested this weekend for shooting four people, including a six-year-old boy, in March. 

Check out FBG Duck’s mother’s video below, as well as the SayCheese report naming Muwop, C-Thang, and DQ as Duck’s killers.

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