“I been savin’ my guala I ain’t savin’ no bitch/I had put down my glock but I picked up a stick /Don’t get in hating shit /I’m on some greatest shit /My people proud I’m as real as it gets,” Baby raps.

An accompanying visual directed by Caleb Jermale also arrived alongside the gritty track. Proving his loyalty to those in his inner-circle, Baby returns to the trenches and celebrates his wins with those that were there before the fame.

The Grammy-nominated rapper counts up his dollars with the CMG signee in a Supreme hat, North Face jacket and leather pants before heading to the strip club with his crew to put those dollars to use by making it rain.

Baby’s hunger is still there and it doesn’t look like he’s planning on letting up anytime soon. With the prospect of another solo album arriving at some point later this year looking likely, there could also be a joint project with Lil Durk looming in the pipeline, which Durk teased in February. The duo has plenty of heat in the stash and they’ve shown undeniable chemistry on previous collabs.

Watch the video below.

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