Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are together for the first time since the disastrous campaign rally in South Carolina a week ago. Their first outing was … Wendy’s!!!

Kim flew to Cody, WY Monday … this after weeks of back and forth where she was desperately trying to get Kanye to get treatment for a serious, bipolar episode. He was unwilling to listen to her, we’re told, and the Kardashians were at a loss on how to help.

Well, Kanye publicly apologized to Kim Saturday for a comment he made that hurt her. We’re guessing it’s the talk of abortion that really upset her. He begged for her forgiveness.Backgrid

Now, they have come together, but when you look at the photo they don’t look particularly happy. They’re staring at their phones in one photo and off into the distance in another.

As you know, Kanye talked about divorce a few days back, but again. He’s in the middle of a serious episode.

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