Kendall Gill is looking for a shot at Jake Paul.

Jake Paul’s boxing career has been fairly brief although it has certainly been successful from both notoriety and financial standpoint. Over the weekend, Paul was able to defeat the likes of Ben Askren through the first-round knockout and now, he is looking for his next opponent. Many want to see Paul fight against a real opponent with boxing experience. So far, Paul has fought FIFA YouTubers, a former NBA player, and a washed-up MMA fighter. Which doesn’t exactly give his career too much legitimacy.

While Paul looks for that next challenger. It seems as though yet another former NBA player has come out of the woodwork to propose a fight. This time around, it is the likes of Kendall Gill, who had a solid NBA career. Gill is now 52 years old and over the last decade. He has taken up boxing and is actually 4-0 for his career.
Kendall Gill

Gill has been pressuring Paul to give him a fight contract for over a week now and there are some former NBA players who are encouraging this matchup. Of course, Paul is less than half of Gill’s age, which certainly would be a detriment for the ex-NBA star should they actually lace up the gloves.

At this point, it seems like Paul is gunning for someone more esteemed in the fight game. Although Perhaps Gill could get his shot in the future should Jake decide to reverse course.

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