“Maybe I’m a little bias on this, but it all begins with quality. I’ve been in Quality for over 25 years, from military, healthcare, retail, foodservice, and technology.”

And what is not questionable is how quality affects the entire organization. More importantly, are how
quality affects the end-user. The quality of your product or service, the quality of the members of your organization, and how they orchestrate the plan are paramount to the success of every company. The right set of Quality Control tools are a must to ensure
that you stay ahead in the OTT race.


Without an effective quality strategy, video service providers are likely to have unnecessary development efforts. Higher operational costs, and delays in issue resolution, eventually leading to higher consumer churn. In short, efficient quality requires consistency. Making quality control (QC) part of the ingest and production process ensures that only high-quality content will be delivered on multiple platforms.

This brings me to Vuuzle.TV. We have found that measurements and checks made during acquisition and post-production ultimately propagate throughout the entire workflow.

Just like a successful amateur boxer looking to step up to the professional ranks and win the big championships. There are some basic elements that need to be in place for an OTT platform to become victorious. Just turning up and ‘winging it’ may provide some early wins but later on the flaws will be exposed and losses will follow.

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To ensure a platform is ready for the demands and expectations of a title-winning performance. A holistic approach of the whole content delivery ecosystem is required. This includes looking at the Quality of Experience (QoE) solely from the perspective of the end-user. After all, the user only sees what is on their screen and how it performs. How long does it take to load a page, how quickly can they log in, how fast are search results returned, how long does it take for a video to start, does the video re-buffer excessively or does the application crash often?

For a growing platform, however, it can be easy to focus on quickly adding features and functionality, without considering the impact on the QoE.

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At Vuuzle we work diligently and efficiently behind the curtain, so the user can have the best experience possible. The future is bright for Vuuzle.TV and the industry overall.

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