How to delete a PlayStation 4 user account

How to delete a PlayStation 4 user account, if you've run out of space for accounts

PS4 controller
PS4 controller

1. Sign into the primary account on your PS4 console.

2. Scroll up to the “Function area,” which is a long row of different icons, just above your games and applications.

3. Scroll to the right side of the row, and select “Settings,” which looks like a white silhouette of a toolbox.

4. In Settings, select the “Parental Controls/Family Management” tab.

5. Select the “Family Management” option.

6. Select the profile you want to delete from under the “Family Members” heading.

7. Choose “Delete User Profile” and then follow the prompts to confirm your choice.

And just like that, the PS4 will forget that user account ever existed.


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