In order to make this character your going to need these below:

Sandstone, Black wool, Dark green wool, Light green wool, Cyan wool (light blue), White wool, and Orange wool.

Legs, Body, and Feet: To make Kyle’s legs place a row of 11 black wool blocks down. On the second block from both ends place 5 black wool blocks on top. If you have done it right it should make a shape that looks like a upside-down table.

On the row of 11 black wool on the bottom, find the middle black block and raise it by 6. On the top block of the 6 you just placed down go right and left of it by 2. Once that is done you should be left with a shape like the one below:

warning this next part may be a little tricky but to help pictures will be shown

Next, you’r going to go to the T shape you just made and go to the right side. Starting on the right most block, do a up-right diagonal, go right by 2, and go up by 1. Once that’s done, do the same thing on the left side. The shape should look like this:

To make Kyle’s feet go up from the 11 black wool by 2 and connect the 3 rows of black wool that are going up. That should look like this:

remember we are only using black wool right now. if you have not noticed you are currently making the outline of kyle’s body

Now for the arms. starting from the left find the 3rd block from the outside going up. From there go out by 2. Next do the same thing two spaces above it. It should look like this so far:

From where you first started on the arm, on the left most end do a up-left diagonal, up by 2, then a up-right diagonal to finish the rest of Kyle’s left arm. When you are done do the same thing but for the right arm. Here is what it looks like:

The Head:

With your black wool go to the highest block on the left side.

From there do a up-left diagonal, place three blocks on top, do a up-right diagonal, place 2 on top, and go right by 12. You should have this shape:

Starting on the right side of the 12 blocks you placed down put 2 blocks below the third block in from the right. Here is a picture for those who are having trouble.

remember we are only using black wool

From there do a bottom-right diagonal then down 3. Once completed you should be connected back to the body like this below:

On the row of 4 to the right of Kyle’s head, find the second block going up. For those who are having trouble here is a image of where you should be:

To the right of it go right by 3 and place 1 block under the second block you just placed down. On top of the last 2 blocks you just placed, put 2 blocks on top to give you this shape below:

On the second block in from the right of the 4 you just placed down do the same thing. You may be confused so here is a picture.

Once you have done that go to the top where there is a row of 13 black wool. Starting on the second block in from the right go up by 3 and on the block to the right of it go up by 4.

Next, go to the left side of Kyle’s head and find the row of 4 going up. Then find the second block from the bottom of that 4. Place a block to the left by 1. From there do a bottom-left diagonal, then a up-left diagonal, place 2 on top, do a up-right diagonal, place 1 on top, do a up-right diagonal, and place 1 on top and 1 right of that. Go back to the block you placed before the last one and on top of it place 3 blocks. From there do a up-right diagonal and go right by 12 to finish Kyle’s outline.

Filling in face (tricky) :

With your sandstone go to the bottom of Kyle’s face. On the bottom row place a layer of sandstone. In the middle of those block place 3 black wool blocks on top. Next, add a layer of sandstone on top of all of that to give you this:

From the left skip 2 sandstone block and place 3 white wool blocks. After that skip 1 sandstone block and place 3 more white wool blocks. On top of the white blocks place a layer of 9 white blocks. On top of the 9 starting on the left place 3 white blocks, then 1 black, then 1 white block, then 1 black, then 3 white blocks. On top of all that do another row of 9 white blocks. Lastly place white blocks on top except on the ends and the middle. Once that’s done fill the face in with sandstone blocks to complete Kyle’s face.

Filling in hands (easy):

For each hand put 1 light green wool and 1 dark like this:

Filling in shoes (easy):

Fill Kyle’s shoes with blue

Filling in the jacket/hat (easy):

Because of how easy it is here is just a picture of the jacket and the hat. Its super simple:

finally you have Kyle


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