A few YouTubers had the chance to see the GMC Hummer EV electric pickup truck prototype up close.

Here’s the video.

Last week, GM officially launched its GMC Hummer EV, an all-electric “supertruck” with up to 350 miles of range and a starting price of $80,000.

The vehicle impressed many with a ton of features and decent range for an electric vehicle of this size.

GM plans to launch the electric pickup truck next year, which is quick, but the automaker will start slow with the higher-end version of the truck and the base version is not expected until 2024.

The automaker has even admitted to not having a fully-working prototype of the Hummer EV less than a year before the official start of production — which is rare in the industry.

Nonetheless, they have a fairly complete display prototype that they showed to some YouTubers.

Here’s a quick look at the GMC Hummer EV prototype by Speed Phenom:

This is apparently fairly close to what buyers will get with the Hummer EV Edition 1, which was reserved out in just about an hour last week.

It won’t do a 0-60 mph launch in 3 seconds just yet, but the design features should be indicative of the production version.h

We can see the large center touchscreen and its user interface:

Speed Phenom also showed the Hummer EV’s front fascia, which is reminiscent of the classic Hummer but with an electric twist.

Most of the air intakes are gone and the design is more streamlined yet still looks aggressive.

Under that hood, you have a fairly massive front trunk or ‘frunk’:

In the back, the Hummer EV brings tailgaiting to a whole new level with speakers integrated in the step:

You can watch the full video for more design features of the Hummer EV and see our launch day post for all the specs of the electric pickup truck coming next year.

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