The Foo Fighters took to the stage on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The rock band performed and shared favorite party playlists during Wednesday’s episode of the CBS late-night show.

The Foo Fighters released their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight, in February. The group has referred to the album as its “party album,” and suggested other party playlists on The Late Late Show.

“Just yacht rock all the time,” Taylor Hawkins said.

“I would probably put on Saturday Night Fever or some disco,” Ramee Jaffee added.

Chris Shiflett recalled how when he first joined the band they would play Juvenile before every show. Pat Smear confirmed his love for Mariah Carey and named Butterfly as his favorite Carey album.

“I learned to drive to Butterfly. I had a … Butterfly cassette. It’s all I played, and that’s how I learned to drive,” he said.

Dave Grohl called Medicine at Midnight the band’s “Saturday-night party album” in an interview with NPR in February.

“When [producer Greg Kurstin and I] got together to make this record, the intention was pretty clear,” he said. “It was like, ‘Let’s make some rhythms and some grooves that people are going to bounce around to.”

On The Late Late Show, the Foo Fighters performed the song “Waiting on a War.” The group shared an evocative music video for the track in January after Grohl said the song was inspired by his 11-year-old daughter, Harper.

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