The moody single “holy terrain,” however, is a clear turn from the sparseness of “Cellophane.” “Holy Terrain” scans as an expansion of twigs’ guest feature on A$AP Rocky’s “Fukk Sleep” last year. It’s twigs’ evocative lyrics and floating falsetto that takes the spotlight. 

“Now my fruits are for taking/And your fingers are stained/Do you still think I’m beautiful/When you light me in flames?”

She sings rising in a chorus around her.

Future, the only featured guest on MAGDALENE, who delivers a remorseful if fatalistic verse in response.

“We die, we die together, the prophecy complete/… If you pray for me I know you play for keeps.”

He raps at one point even pleading not to take his love in vain.

Where once twigs asked a lover to pacify her need for devotion with lies if necessary, on “holy terrain” she’s moving to higher ground, confident and emboldened enough to implore that he follows his heart to her this time around.

Check Out The Video Below


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