Fitness Influencer Will Serve Nearly 5 Years In Jail For Using 369 Instagram Accounts To Harass Bodybuilding Colleagues

A fitness influencer will serve nearly 5 years in jail for using 369 Instagram accounts to harass bodybuilding colleagues and allegedly faking her daughter's kidnapping

Tammy Steffen
Tammy Steffen

Fitness influencer has been jailed after creating at least 369 Instagram accounts to harass several colleagues. Who are in the fitness community.

Tammy Steffen, has been sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison. charges are cyberstalking and sending online threats. A federal investigation found that Steffen repeatedly called, texted, emailed, and contacted via social media at least six people over the course of two years.

She made threats to their lives and the lives of their friends and family. Also tried to discredit their professional reputations, federal prosecutors say. Threats included messages telling a victims her plan. Texts saying “slice you up into little pieces”. And text to another saying, “all hell is gonna rain fire down on your world like never seen before.” That was followed by a picture of a woman holding two knives. Caption: “I’m coming”

However, these threats over social media and text may have been just the tip of iceberg.

Florida authorities allege Steffen organized two separate incidents in July 2018. She tried to pin on a former business partner, according to police reports. In the first incident, Steffen reported to police that a headless doll was left on the front porch. Also with a note inside the doll that read, “new toy for the kids.”

Just five days later, Steffen reported to police that someone tried to kidnap her 12-year-old daughter.  Steffen claimed that the person grabbed her daughter’s arm and drag her into the woods. She also pointed authorities toward a black laptop cover found near the location of the attempted kidnapping. In which a notepad was found with Steffen’s personal information on it, according to the arrest report.

When police later questioned the child, she asked them what would happen to her mother if she told the truth.

However, authorities say they discovered Steffen had purchased the same kind of laptop cover and notepad a few days earlier. Police say they also found a witness who heard Steffen discussing the plan to leave the headless doll.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office arrested Steffen in July 2018. They charged her with filing a false police report, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and tampering with a witness. Following her arrest, Steffen told her daughter to take the blame for the idea of fabricating the kidnapping. Also told her she wouldn’t get in trouble, according to police reports.

Steffen will serve her nearly five-year federal sentence after she finishes serving time related to the false kidnapping report. The Federal Bureau of Investigation didn’t arrest Steffen until November on the charges of stalking and cyberbullying, the Washington Post reports.

Steffen once ran a business for training and coaching bodybuilders and bikini competitors called “Beyond Fit Bikini” out of Florida. The company hasn’t posted on Instagram since January 10 (five days before Steffen was arrested), and its website is not up and running.


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