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This week in ‘Films & Stars’ we'll speak to the stars on the red carpet of 'Good Boys'. We see whats cookin' with the action film 'The Kitchen'. And we take you to Italy for the Venice Film Festival. Make sure you don't miss out!


Welcome to ‘Films & Stars’ your insiders guide to the movies. This week we’ll speak to the stars on the red carpet of ‘Good Boys’ And we see whats cookin’ with the action film ‘The Kitchen’, But first we take you to Italy for the Venice Film Festival.

Special: Venice Film Festival 2019


00:02:26 – 00:02:45

The Venice Film Festival of 2019 has recently wrapped up and there were quite a lot of movies promoted this year. One of them was the upcoming sci-fi adventure ‘Ad Astra’ where Brad Pitt keeps all the outer space action grounded with his impressive and emotional performance. During the fest Pitt explained how he makes his movie roles so real.

Clip: ‘Ad Astra’

00:02:46 – 00:02:52

“We have a job to do. Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

Quote: Brad Pitt

00:02:54 – 00:03:19

“It’s not looking or acting, it’s really a misconception. You have to feel it. You have to put yourself in place, you have to draw upon, like in this film, you have to draw on wounds from your childhood or personal regrets. You gotta put yourself in that spot and if I’m living it, if it’s real, then you’re gonna feel it, and if I’m not, if I’m acting it or faking it, it doesn’t land.”


00:03:20 – 00:03:23

For the star, the movie’s themes echo what he’s experienced in his own life.

Quote: Brad Pitt

00:03:24 – 00:03:43

“You know, life’s challenging, you know? It’s hard. There’s constant letdowns and frustrations, and I think so much of life is learning to accept and not react to that. In fact, embrace it, because that’s where we grow, isn’t it? We don’t grow when everything’s frozen.”


00:03:44 – 00:04:07

Brad Pitt’s sci-fi epic ‘Ad Astra’ will hit American cinemas on the 20th of September. But that’s of course not the only interesting film we saw in Venice. Kristen Stewart also walked the red carpet to promote her new movie ‘Seberg’ where she plays the 1960s movie star Jean Seberg, who became the target of an FBI investigation over her political contributions. 

For Stewart, the only person whose opinion matters is herself.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:04:08 – 00:04:26

“You can never assume that someone’s impression of you is wrong. As soon as you start trying to control those things is when you become a kind of split apart person, a confused person. You really gotta function from the solar plex, and not input, you know what I mean? It’s like, it’s important to function from a place of truth.”


00:04:27 – 00:04:44

One of the biggest movies that premiered at the Venice Film Festival, was the crime thriller ‘Joker’, showing an origin story of the iconic Batman Villain. Lead actor Joaquin Phoenix received rave reviews as the title character. Like many other big stars, Phoenix could be considered a bit of a workaholic.

Quote: Joaquin Phoenix

00:04:45 – 00:05:14

“My life becomes the work while I’m working, so when I go home, I’m going through the script for the scenes coming up for the next week, I’m texting and calling Todd for hours. We probably talked every single day for two hours after we filmed, about what was coming up. And so in that way, it’s my whole life. I’m not interacting with anyone other than people that are working on the film. So in that way, it just becomes my life.”


00:05:15 – 00:05:19

Joaquin’s not a method actor, though, who stays in character even when the cameras are off.

Quote: Joaquin Phoenix

00:05:20 – 00:05:33

“It depends on the scene. I mean, there are some scenes where, they were fun, and there were some scenes that require more focus. But that’s pretty typical for every movie that I’ve ever been in.”


00:05:34 – 00:05:38

Still, it must have been tough to delve so deeply into a character with a mental illness.

Quote: Joaquin Phoenix

00:05:39 – 00:05:53

“I never thought of him as mentally ill. I didn’t approach it in that way. But to be honest, we actually had a great time making this movie. It’s the most fun I ever had making a movie.”


00:05:54 – 00:05:59

Phoenix also isn’t worried at all about how Batman fans will react to his unusual take on the character.

Quote: Joaquin Phoenix

00:06:00 – 00:06:23

“My responsibility is to the character while I’m working. I have no control over how the movie’s released or how it’s marketed, so I feel like my work is done, and I hope that people like it, I hope that they can appreciate it, but if they don’t, that’s okay.”


00:06:24 – 00:06:36

The highly anticipated ’Joker’ will be released worldwide on the 4th of October. As you can see the 2019 Venice Film Festival was another great success and we’re hoping to see lots of more cool stuff next year!

Movie News: Robert Pattinson was furious about Batman casting leak

00:06:43 – 00:07:35

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he was furious when news leaked about him possibly being cast as Batman.

The former ‘Twilight’ star says that when someone tipped off the media that he was on the list of candidates for the role, he hadn’t even auditioned yet, and was worried that all the hype might cost him the part, as superhero films work so hard to keep everything under tight secrecy.

Luckily, he got the job anyway, and says that the Caped Crusader is his favorite comic book character, and the only one he would have really wanted to play. Many fans are not convinced that Rob’s right for the part, but he confessed that the reaction has actually been less vitriolic than he had feared, and he prefers being the underdog going into a role, so there’s less pressure.

Also, in a cool twist of fate, Pattinson learned he’d been cast on his first day of shooting for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming blockbuster ‘Tenet’, so he got to pick the brain of the ‘Dark Knight’ director for tips.

Intro Star File:  

00:07:42 – 00:08:03

We just saw her lighten up the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, now lets check out the career of this talented American actress.

At eight years old, Kristen Stewart was spotted by an agent in her school Christmas play. She began her career the following year, and in 2007 got the biggest  break of her life in the supernatural romance franchise ‘Twilight’.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:08:04 – 00:08:12

“I mean, anytime you get a love story right, and I don’t know whether we did that, but the books are, it’s such an undeniably good love story that’s like, that’s what people take to, that’s the most emotional thing for people, that’s what they live for.” 


00:08:13 – 00:08:25

Millions of young fans followed Kristen’s Bella Swan and her love triangle with Jacob, a werewolf, and Edward, a vampire. When the first ’Twilight’ movie came out, not even its stars were prepared for how popular the series would be.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:08:26 – 00:08:35

“I mean, I’m really like not worried about it. I sort of keep a very… Trust me, I could go anywhere. I keep, people don’t notice. I think I’ll be fine.” 


00:08:36 – 00:08:43

But finally, in November 2012, after five movies and more than $3 billion dollars at the box office, it was time to wrap things up.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:08:44 – 00:09:05

“We shot both of them in the same time and It’s funny because I’m going to probably continue to talk about this for the rest of my life. It was the biggest segment that I remember as a whole, you know? Even more so than high school, all those normal things that happen for people, and so it doesn’t feel over, to be honest. It’s obviously we’re done filming and they’re all finished, but at the same time we have them forever.” 


00:09:06 – 00:09:07

But what would Stewart do as a follow-up?

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:09:08 – 00:09:17

“I can’t plan things. I don’t know if I wanna do a comedy next or whatever. Everyone asks: So, what’s next for you? I need to read it. I follow my gut.” 


00:09:18 – 00:09:29

Her gut didn’t let her down, but it did lead her into more independent movies, where she really could show off her acting chops. There was a movie version of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel ‘On the Road’, playing free spirit Marylou.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:09:30 – 00:09:52

“I would’ve wanted to play any part in the book. I happen to be the right age and gender to play Marylou, and she can’t be more different than me. She really is the type of person that lets her face hang out, and is overtly self-aware, yet not self-conscious.” 


00:09:53 – 00:10:13

Kristen kicked off 2015 in the European drama ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’, and the performance made her the first American actress to win a Cesar Award, the French equivalent of an Oscar.And she made two movies in quick succession playing Jesse Eisenberg’s love interest: the action comedy ‘American Ultra’, and the Woody Allen flick ‘Cafe Society’.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:10:14 – 00:10:48

“I love doing big movies, I don’t think there’s a difference between the desire to do a bigger or smaller movie, but obviously the facts are if you want to be able to do tiny movies that you need to champion, and you need to be able to get made at all, you have to be popular, you have to be like: Oh, I’m the person that does movies that makes money. But there’s no way to scientifically approach that. I am so lucky that I happen to like movies that sometimes are commercial. I’m always like: Oh god, I hope I like a movie that’s commercial soon, because I really wanna be able to green light that tiny little weird movie that no one’s gonna see.” 


00:10:49 – 00:11:02

And as we just saw Kristen arrived at the 2019 Venice Film Festival to promote ‘Seberg’, the true tale of an actress who was targeted by the FBI for her politics. Stewart says this kind of scrutiny is par for the course, but it doesn’t really bother her.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:11:03 – 00:11:30

“I think naturally you have to be aware that you’re kind of opening yourself up to, I don’t want to say the word criticism, as if that’s a thing that I even think about, like, this is something that I only really think about when asked this question. So yeah, no, I think I’ve always really functioned from a very direct and somewhat naive instinctive place.”


00:11:31 – 00:11:40

Even though she’s conquered the hearts of millions of fans, won international acclaim as an actor, and earned billions of dollars at the box office, Kristen Stewart remains as down-to-earth as ever.

Quote: Kristen Stewart

00:11:41 – 00:11:49

“As soon as you start making choices based on what people are gonna think, you’re never doing anything for yourself, you’re not gonna do anything true, you’re never gonna, you’re traipsing all over the experience of it.” 

Movie Premiere: ‘Good Boys’

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:11:54 – 00:12:07

“I’m having a party tomorrow. Are you in?”

“Yeah. Can Thor and Lucas come?”

“They’re so random.”

“They’re my best friends, we do everything together.”

“There’s going to be girls there. You know what that means?”


“No. kissing.”


00:12:08 – 00:12:31

The raunchy comedy ‘Good Boys’ tells the story of three young friends who embark on an epic adventure after they are invited to a party, but start to panic when they realize they don’t know how to kiss girls. The film recently premiered in LA and the three leading young men were super excited to see it. There only was one problem though, the flick is r-rated and the boys actually are too young to watch.

Quote: Brady Noon

00:12:32 – 00:12:43

“Uhm.. I can see it with a parent. So.. I maybe probably are going to laugh during it, because it is really funny. I haven’t seen the final product yet, but I am super stocked to see. It should be a lot of fun.” 

Quote: Keith L. Williams

00:12:44 – 00:12:52

“The innocence is kind of my favorite. I like how we also barely know the words we are saying and how we are saying it. So yeah..” 

Quote: Sam Richardson

00:12:53 – 00:12:00

“I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I am very excited to like.. laugh and be a little uncomfortable, which I think is part of the fun of it.” 


00:13:01 – 00:13:09

Jacob Tremblay is no stranger to playing in big films, but the other kids have mostly done TV roles. Brady Noon was most happy about one thing though.

Quote: Brady Noon

00:13:10 – 00:13:16

“Probably just the friendships that I formed with Keith and Jacob. I feel like it is so important and I feel like they are two of my best friends. So, I am so appreciative of them.” 

Quote: Keith L. Williams 

00:13:17 – 00:13:23

“It was amazing to work with them. We were able to hang out. The second day we had a sleepover at Jacob’s house and it was really fun.” 

Quote: Chance Hurstfield

00:13:24 – 00:13:35

“I don’t get to work with kids usually. I do a lot of stuff with adults or older teenagers or stuff. So, to work with Keith, Jacob and Brady was amazing. And they are so nice and so funny.” 

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:13:36 – 00:13:46

“You do not want to go to Soren’s party not knowing how to kiss.”

“We could spy on my neighbor. She’s a total nymphomaniac.”

“No, she’s nymphomaniac. Someone who has sex on land and sea.”


00:13:47 – 00:13:54

As we said before, the film is r-rated and full of dirty words. That was not a problem for Jacob though. 

Quote: Jacob Tremblay

00:13:55 – 00:13:59

“I’ve done Room, and that was probably more R-rated movie than this.” 

Quote: Seth Rogen

00:14:00 – 00:14:09

“You always try to stay true to reality as far as what kids that age are thinking about and feeling and worry about. And how they relate to one another and speak to one another.” 

Quote: Stephen Merchant

00:14:10 – 00:14:28

“Why has it never occurred to anyone that you take young kids, and you make them say outrageous things. Because we all know that when we were at school at that age, we were saying outrageous things. So it is not like it is made up for the movie. We know we all were- in a weird way, we are more obsessed with rude things, with sex. With all these crazy things when you’re that age than you are when you are an adult.” 

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:14:31 – 00:14:34

“We’re not crossing a highway.”

“Are we fifth graders, or are we sixth graders?”

Quote: Jacob Tremblay

00:14:39 – 00:14:47

“I mean, I thought it was really good and I hope people really get to like.. get really nostalgic for when they were younger, like twelve and eleven.”

Quote: Brady Noon

00:14:48 – 00:14:56

“Watch it, cause I am in it and I am awesome. No, I am just kidding. It is really funny if you are looking for a laughter. If you are having a bad day. Definitely go see this movie. It will cheer you up like that.” 


00:14:57 – 00:15:00

So if you need some cheering up, then go and see ‘Good Boys’ as soon as you can.

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:15:01 – 00:15:12

“Here’s the plan. I’m going to go to the party with a beer, so everyone knows that I’m cool.”

“What do you have in your pants?”

“It’s been like this ever since I was a baby. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“I’m guessing you’re not the popular kids in school. Hm?”

Coming Up:

00:15:16 – 00:15:31

Coming up in Films & Stars we’ll see what’s trending online in Social Media News. We take a peek at the highest earning films from last weekend in the box office top 5 countdown. And we see all about funny action film ‘The Kitchen’. So stay tuned!


00:17:00 – 00:17:04

This is Films & Stars. Let’s check out some social media news.

Social Media News: Miles Teller marries girlfriend Keleigh Sperry

00:17:06 – 00:18:00

‘Fantastic Four’ actor Miles Teller married his long-time love Keleigh Sperry in Maui over the weekend. It was actually the bride’s sister who gave us sneak peeks of the nuptials on social media, posting a string of Instagram stories of the happy couple and their wedding attendees. 

The stunning bride chose a Monique Lhuillier gown for the ceremony, which took place in a Catholic church on the island. Then at the reception, for look number two of the evening, the model chose an Oscar de la Renta dress, while Teller looked handsome in a custom blue Celine suit. 

But how did this sweet couple come to be? Model Sperry and actor Teller bonded over their love for music, after the pair met a party for the Black Keys back in 2013. After four years of dating Teller surprised his love with a safari sunrise proposal in Africa in 2017. When it came to wedding planning, the couple knew right away they wanted their nuptials to take place in Maui as it’s their go-to vacation destination. 

Box Office Countdown:

00:18:07 – 00:18:14

Another weekend, another list of the highest grossing films in cinemas. We bring you the Box Office Top 5 Countdown.


00:18:16 – 00:18:19

Closing the gates of the box office is the sports drama ‘Overcomer’.

Clip: ‘Overcomer’

00:18:20 – 00:18:44

“Something or someone will have first place in your heart.”

“Where is your team?”

“She is right there.”

“Whatever you allow to define you.”

“Is that?”

“That’s Hannah!”

“Run Hannah!”


00:18:45 – 00:18:51

Already for the eighth week in the box office, on number four we find Disney’s remake ‘The Lion King’.

Quote: Jon Favreau & Donald Glover

00:18:56 – 00:19:40

JF: “I think the original film incredibly well, as well does the stage production. And I felt that now, here we are, twenty-five years later. We have the opportunity to explore what new technologies have to offer, and the way a new cast would interpret the songs and the roles.” 

DG: “It is a special thing to be able to watch it with a child and to be able to see it through their eyes. I think that is part of getting older a little bit. You have your own thing and it feels so massive. And you get big and you get to see it through them and then you are like.. I feel like watching this movie with my son, I was like; man, this must feel so huge. But to see real animals kind of doing it, must feel so different. I feel like that’s a real Circle of Life moment for me anyway.” 


00:19:46 – 00:19:49

Dropping a spot to the third place is the raunchy comedy ‘Good Boys’.

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:19:50 – 00:20:02

“I’m having a party tomorrow. Are you in?”

“Yeah. Can Thor and Lucas come?”

“They’re so random.”

“They’re my best friends, we do everything together.”

“There’s going to be girls there. You know what that means?”


“No. kissing.”

Quote: Jacob Tremblay

00:20:03 – 00:20:32

“Friendship is probably the main part of the movie because, you know... these three boys.. three boys.. three boys journey, during their friendship, is definitely tested. And they definitely grow apart from each other. A good boy is someone who, I guess treats people with respect, and pretty much is a friend to everybody and treats everyone like a good friend. Like how we said; a good friend is someone who is loyal, and someone who doesn’t judge you. That’s what a good boy is.” 

Clip: ‘Good Boys’

00:20:39 – 00:20:44

“You’re not getting me..”

“I’m fine.”

“Oh hell no.”

Clip: ‘Angel Has Fallen’

00:20:46 – 00:20:50

“What is that? Are they bats?”

“They’re drones! They’re drones!”


00:20:51 – 00:20:55

And on the second place we find the exciting thriller with Gerard Butler ‘Angel Has Fallen’.

Clip: ‘Angel Has Fallen’

00:20:56 – 00:21:02

“Don’t move! Don’t move! I’m coming to you! They’re coming after your boat! Get him in the water!”

Quote: Gerard Butler

00:21:06 – 00:21:42

“Well, I have the best time making these.. making ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and ‘London Has Fallen’. And obviously, they have been a big success and really exciting movies to watch. So, I was always hoping for the opportunity to come back and do a third one. And a lot of people would come up to me saying; you’re doing a third one? Are you doing a third one? But the joke always was; what’s it going to be? ‘Tokyo Has Fallen’? You know.. ‘Santa Barbara Has Fallen’? So it was exciting to come back, but with the possibility of really trying to find something fresh, and take it a different.. in a different direction.

Clip: ‘Angel Has Fallen’

00:21:43 – 00:21:46

“Listen to me. We are going to make a move, and people are going to fall. But not you.”


00:21:51 – 00:21:58

And this week’s number one is scaring its way straight to the first place, its ‘It: Chapter Two’.

Clip: ‘It Chapter Two’

00:21:59 – 00:22:04

“Help me. Help me.”

Quote: Jessica Chastain & Jay Ryan

00:22:10 – 00:22:48

JC: “The first film, as Andy said yesterday, is a film that is about unifying believe and love. And this film is a lot of trauma and this group of people, these losers, as they called themselves twenty-seven years earlier, have kind of gone through their lives, in a bit of a fog, because they don’t remember certain things of their childhood. And they haven’t, they’re not, or traumas of their childhood, and they’re not processing them. So they are not actually living healthy lives when we meet them.” 

JR: “And it becomes about the power of unity, as they come back together. And that helps them heal their traumas. It’s almost like they’ve all been waiting for these last twenty-seven years, for that something that they didn’t quite know was gonna heal them, but this is it.”

Clip: ‘It Chapter Two’

00:22:49 – 00:23:07

“We didn’t stop It.”


“The clown.”

“We can’t let it happen again.”





Movie news: Alicia Vikander’s ‘Tomb Raider 2’ gets a director and release date

00:23:14 – 00:24:01

Alicia Vikander is returning to her role as the butt-kicking Lara Croft for ‘Tomb Raider 2’, and the film now has a director and a release date.

We already knew that screenwriter Amy Jump, who previously penned the action flicks ‘Free Fire’ and ‘High Rise’, was working on a script for the follow-up to the 2018 blockbuster, but it’s now been announced that Ben Wheatley, who directed both of those movies we just mentioned, will be re-teaming with the writer for the new ‘Tomb Raider’ adventure.

The first film with Vikander as the video game heroine was not a huge success, bringing in just under $275 million dollars on a reported budget of around $100 million. But apparently it was enough to justify a second go-round, and MGM’s confirmed that production will begin early next year, with an expected release date on the 19th of March, 2021.

Movie Report: ‘The Kitchen’

Clip: ‘The Kitchen’

00:24:07 – 00:24:26

“Now might be the time.”

“For what?”

“For you.”

“You do what you got to do. For kids.”

“Most employers don’t want mothers. It’s a competitive market.”

“You don’t know me.”

“For money, you survive.”


00:24:29 – 00:24:40

Oscar nominated writer, but first time director Andrea Berloff has together brought the acting talents of Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss in the new crime drama ‘The Kitchen’.

Quote: Andrea Berloff

00:24:41 – 00:24:56

“In 1978, Hells Kitchen. The FBI comes in and does a big sweep of the Irish maffia and arrest a bunch of the guys. They get carted off to jail and their wives end up taking over the family business and running it much more viciously than the men ever did.”  

Clip: ‘The Kitchen’

00:24:57 – 00:25:12

“We got no money.”

“I can’t even make the rent with what they gave me last night.”

“They didn’t want me in the family in the first place.”

“Forty years we pay protection and we don’t get nothing for it.”

“They have been telling us forever that we are never going to do anything but have babies. A bunch of men who have forgotten what family means.”

“So we remind them.”

Quote: Melissa McCarthy & Elisabeth Moss

00:25:13 – 00:25:59

MM: “I love gangster films. I do. I love the sense of family. Right and wrong. The sense of being loyal to someone is both good, and then also it can be the dumbest, most lethal things that you can do in your life. And I always love how those two, kind of always dance with each other in mob movies. It’s like, you are being loyal to the wrong person, you’re too loyal to the right. There is no way to kind of win.” 

EM: “And how high the stakes are, all of the sudden. It’s like you have this familial drama. With all the normal stuff that happens in a family, fights and disagreements and loyalty. Except the stakes in a mob drama, are that you die if you don’t wanna be in the family anymore. If you cross somebody or if you fight with somebody.” 

Quote: Common

00:26:00 – 00:26:30

“Every time I tell my friends I am in a Melissa and Tiffany, they’re like; oh, it’s comedy. I’m like; nah. It’s a full-fleshed drama, thriller film, and for it to go to that dark place.. I was just really excited about seeing them go there. Because I love when great comic actors go to the dark place, and I really believe that Melissa and Tiffany will take it there. They’re taking it there.”  

Clip: ‘The Kitchen

00:26:32 – 00:26:45

“I told you, we can’t go around working for a bunch of women.”

“You are not smarter than me. I will wipe you off the face of the earth.”

“I don’t want you to do it. I want you to teach me how to do it.”

Quote: Tiffany Haddish

00:26:48 – 00:27:06

“Everyone transforms. As you grow, you evolve, right? And these women, they start to get empowered. They start to get power. Power, will make you change. Like, I am still the same Tiffany, but I got a little more power. I just get up and walk out the door.”  

Quote: Andrea Berloff

00:27:07 – 00:27:23

“I wanted authentic, real women. What would it be like if I suddenly became a gangster? If you became a gangster? What does that feel like? What does that look like? How are their stories authentic and different and gritty and interesting and heartbreaking? So, it was very important to me that they were fully-fleshed women.”  

Clip: ‘The Kitchen

00:27:27 – 00:27:42

“You know.. family or not. You were anyone else, you’d be dead already.”

“Told you he wasn’t gonna do nothing.”

Quote: Tiffany Haddish

00:27:43 – 00:27:43


Quote: Melissa McCarthy

00:27:44 – 00:27:58

“A lot of times you start a mob movie, and everyone is already kind of established. And they are bigger than.. you can’t even imagine their lives. And I love that you watch these women start at the bottom, and they had to kind of scrape and fight for something.” 


00:27:59 – 00:28:03

So if you can stand the heat, go and watch ‘The Kitchen’ as soon as you can!

Clip: ‘The Kitchen

00:28:04 – 00:28:06

“Claire.. put a bullet in this head.”

Next Week: 

00:28:11 – 00:28:18

Next week in Films and Stars we’ll fly to Canada to update you on the Toronto Film Festival, make sure you don’t miss it!


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