The Republic of Fiji, as it’s originally called, is located north of New Zealand and east of Australia, and can best be summarized simply as; Paradise!


The Republic of Fiji, as it’s originally called, is located north of New Zealand and east of Australia, and can best be summarized simply as; Paradise!

The archipelago consists of more than 330 islands of which 110 are inhabited. Most of them were formed due to volcanic activity. The country has less than a million residents, but attracts lots of tourists every year. Due to it’s remoteness, it’s quite costly to even get there in the first place and thus it became a magnet for the world’s rich and famous. 

The list of A-listers who like to visit is so long we’re not even going to bother mentioning them. So, what’s there to do in Fiji? Well, the answer is quite simple really; maritime activities! Whether it’s relaxing on the pearl white sands or enjoying a beautiful sunset with that special person, the beaches are as perfect as it gets.

In the ocean itself, you can marvel upon coral reefs that seem to come straight out of a nature documentary. The islands feature some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. For the more experienced sea creatures among us, scuba diving is a common activity in Fiji. The oceanic life is everything you could ever wish for. 

It’s also possible to explore the reefs by private submarine, like rapper turned actor Ludacris did when enjoying his luxury holiday. 

Or how about diving with sharks for the real daredevils? 

Quote: Jason Statham 

“I did a dive in Fiji, which was a twenty meter dive, with twenty-five, thirty bull sharks. All of around two-and-a-half, three meters in length. Very, very nervous on the surface and then when we went down, it was much more relaxed. When you get into the environment, and you’re fingertip close to these things. They’re coming by.. There’s a couple of the Fijians that almost like a trash can full of tuna heads, and then they put on a big chain mill glove and they pull out the head and they hand feed these sharks. They come down, and they swoop in and they let go. It’s phenomenal” 

Even though the majority of people come for the beaches, there’s things to do inlands as well. Things like riding quads, exploring a stunning gorge by raft or hiking through the national park. 

It’s also possible to explore the local culture which dated back hundreds of years before European settlers even discovered the archipelago. Their native cuisine consists mostly of fish, although there are so many luxurious resorts, you can order pretty much anything you want. 

Fiji is the ultimate place to live like a king. Charter a private yacht to discover the various islands… Stay on the beach and have the staff cater all your wishes… Book your very own private atoll for a day… Get on a helicopter or seaplane to view paradise from above… Land on a deserted island for a romantic beach picnic… Destress at the lavish spas… Or enjoy some very high quality fine dining…

Just a handful of options available on the A-list hotspot called Fiji. 

It’s simply impossible not to enjoy this carefree place to be! 


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