What It Is:

FaceGym’s “Game Face” workout is a total tightening, sculpting and toning treatment. One 90-minute session is $275.

Who Tried It:

Robyn Merrett, PEOPLE Reporter/Writer

Level of Difficulty:

6/10. As the brand’s motto explains, FaceGym is “not a facial it’s a workout” so you shouldn’t expect a traditional relaxing massage-like experience. Each session is actually set up like a workout — it begins with a consultation and warm-up, then there’s the workout itself, then it concludes with a cool town. Allow me to explain…

What Happened:

I consider myself to be a fit person. I’ve tried almost every fitness studio from LIT Method, to SoulCycle, and most recently PLATEFIT — but never have I ever thought to workout the 43 muscles in my face. So, when I heard about FaceGym, I was both intrigued and intimidated by the idea. Would it hurt? Can my face handle an intense workout? I decided to find out. Since my skin has been generally clear and blemish-free lately, I wanted to see if this would really boost my glow and overall look. (Plus, I heard Meghan Markle was a fan of doing facial workouts before award season so, naturally, I was sold.)

FaceGym, which first launched in London in 2016 by founder Inge Theron, just opened a brand new location at 1 Hotel in West Hollywood, California and offers nine different workouts, all with the goal of restoring and lifting the face. In order to get the full experience, I was instructed to try “Game Face“, the brand’s best-selling workout that uses a radio frequency machine to target puffiness, boost collagen and restore skin’s elasticity.

When I arrived for my 11 a.m. appointment, a receptionist signed me in and presented me with a glass of water, encouraging me to hydrate as much as possible before my workout.

The warm-up

The warm-up

I was then introduced to my trainer and taken to our workout station. The facility was designed much like a medical spa. Once seated, I was told to drink another glass of water (I became very nervous at this point) before sitting down and putting on a headband.

Like most workouts, my session started with a warmup. My trainer applied Face Gym’s signature training serum (infused with coffee bean oil and lavender) to my face before “waking up” the muscles by massaging the skin (and made sure to be gentle around any problem areas). After a few minutes, she increased intensity by applying pressure to the area around my jaw to release tension. Her hands were literally whipping my face, which really hurt, and didn’t leave me feeling very relaxed.

Despite the pain, my face began to feel a bit relieved and stretched out.

Next, my trainer applied more training serum to my face before pulling out the radio frequency machine that had a remote-like device attached to it. The machine warmed my face to about 100 degrees to help rotate water molecules in my cells, boosting collagen production.

After warning me about potential hot spots, my trainer started using the radio frequency device on my neck, which was so unbelievably uncomfortable and hot. She had to keep applying serum on my neck as areas got hotter and felt as if they were burning (which I was assured was completely normal).

She continued working on my neck for about 10 minutes before targeting different sides of my face, which was a lot less painful than the neck area. That went on for 10 more minutes before we moved on to the next exercise — cardio.


She used a pure lift device, which is a sculpting tool that’s activated by collagen serum and promotes involuntary muscle contractions to activate my skin. I actually felt the muscles around my face twitch throughout the process, which actually felt completely relaxing. And after she was done, my cheeks felt higher.

Next, my trainer used a spiked gold roller on my face, evening out my skin before finishing with the cool down portion of the workout.

For this part, she used a cold Guasha stone massaging it around my face, which reminded me of the best part of any workout class — gulping down a bottle of cold water when it ends.

Radio Frequency machine

Radio Frequency machine

Lastly, I inspected my face in a mirror and was shocked to see that my skin looked completely different. It appeared as though I had actually gotten a slight face lift.

The Verdict:

I felt for the price tag, FaceGym is totally worth it. My skin has never felt so soft and looked so rejuvenated. Plus, the lifted appearance actually lasts for seven days (a very good bonus!). I will say, I did feel a bit sore after around my jawline but I can see this is already making a difference in my skin. My trainer recommends visiting every six to seven days, and while that’s not exactly doable for me, she says once every few months also works. Since this was not a typical facial experience, it was something I’ve never encountered before, but I recommend everyone try. FaceGym also offers more affordable workouts like the “Signature Electrical” for $95 and “The Signature” for $70, which makes for great holiday gift options!


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